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Is Animal testing necessary?

Introduction Animal testing refers to the use of non-human animals in experiments (Mone, 2014). The animals develop into prototypes in the measurement of different chemical reactions pertaining to a variety of human products ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics (Mone, 2014). The experiments integrate varied processes as some of the experiments may involve observation of the […]

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The Relevance of Ancient Greek Mythology Today

In today’s world, many people view Greek mythology as mere stories rendered fro entertainment. However, its relevance is more than that. Greek mythology poses considerable impact on today’s culture (Mileff, 2015). The myths placed emphasis on emotions. Emotional responses form an integral part of people’s lives. Therefore, based on the myths, people can still take […]

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Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities

Teaching children with disabilities has been one of the most challenging endeavors to both parents and teachers. People tend to learn myriad of things and activities during childhood; for example, the ability to talk, walk, and interact with others. Until recently, learning disabilities were not recognized as actual disabilities (Narang & Gupta, 2014). Notably, in […]

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Should Rich Countries Pay More for Environmental Damage?

Environmental damage is happening at a very high rate. In the last one hundred years, environmental degradation has transpired more than ever before (Acemoglu & Robinson, 2012).  Both countries, both poor and rich share an equal blame concerning environmental damage. These countries have turned a blind eye to environmental conservation and are busy working on […]

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