October 20, 2016

Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control car ownership and use


Alternative means of transport should be introduced. And international laws to be introduced to limit the car owners. It has been a big problem in a big town, where each and every one having a car wants to use. And the same time those who do not have a car are using the public means of transport. This is bringing inconvenience to get access into town because of germ, one cannot tell at what time to leave from his or her residential house to reach in the workplace in time (Lindsay Brown, Amelia Thomas, 2008). And this forcing others to leave their house very early, which is also very risky because of security. So when other form of transport is introduced and international law introduced to control car ownership. Our big town will be a better place to live in.


These are the alternative form of transport to be used are, use of railways and use of motorbike. Government should construct standard rail gauge, to eliminate inconvenience. This is by people will be now bordering trains, and this will reduce the rate of germ, and reduce the number of public vehicles. The number of public vehicles will reduce since people will be no using trains, and this will kill competition of public means of transport. Inside the town only motorbikes should be used, to transport people from office to office (Wang Zhou, Jia Li-min, 2011).


I do by concluding that for our big towns to the best place to live, we have to use other forms of transport   and international law, should be introduced that no privet vehicle should enter in the town or to be parked. And the best way of putting this into use is by charging high fees for parking.