Are genever and gin the same?

Gin can be distilled from any raw material, while genever is always made from grains like rye, malted barley and corn. Gin can be distilled from any raw material, while genever is always made from grains like rye, malted barley and corn. No wonder genever producers often describe it as a cross between gin and whiskey.

Did genever give gin its name?

The name gin is a shortened form of the older English word genever, related to the French word genièvre and the Dutch word jenever. All ultimately derive from juniperus, the Latin for juniper.

Does genever taste like gin?

Taste Test: This Genever has little to no color to it like a London Dry Gin or Vodka. The taste is creamy, almost buttery and nutty, with a hint of Juniper and citrus to it. The alcohol content is low (35%) when compared to other styles of gin (40%-47%) which makes it very easy to sip.

What kind of alcohol is genever?

Popular for ages in the Netherlands and Belgium, genever (also known as geneva, genievre, jenever, Holland gin, or Dutch gin) is a distilled malted spirit (like an unaged Scotch whisky) that is often blended with grain neutral spirit, then infused or further distilled with various herbs and spices, including a healthy …

Is Bols Genever a gin?

The sweet taste of an old Dutch gin comes to life in Bols Genever and it can be used to make some fantastic cocktails. For a true taste of old-fashioned gin cocktails, turn to Genever. And, if you want to experience a classic version of this original style of gin, picking up a bottle of Bols Genever is the way to go.

Is gin a ladies drink?

When gin was being made at home by the underclasses, it was a women’s drink; now that it’s ‘posh’, the dudes have it.

What is the national drink of Amsterdam?

The spirit of which we speak is called jenever (pronounced “yuh-nay-ver” here in Holland), the father of gin, and we think you should absolutely try some when you come to Amsterdam.

What gin is comparable to Hendricks?

If you love the bright florality of Hendrick’s, then you have to try Silent Pool Gin at your next happy hour. Full-bodied and flavor-rich, this spirit is made using 24 botanicals and the water from Silent Pool, a spring-fed lake in Surrey (and also the body of of water the distillery is named after).

How do you drink Bols gin?

Bols serves its Negroni in a lightbulb Called the Red Light Negroni, after Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the cocktail calls for 1 ounce Bols Genever Original, 1 ounce sweet vermouth, and 1 ounce Italian bitter liqueur. Mix with ice, stir, strain, and serve in a lightbulb with a rocks glass on the side.

How did jenever become known as Dutch gin?

As hinted in the introduction, jenever was the precursor to gin. In fact, gin was developed by the British after the Dutch introduced jenever to the United Kingdom during the late 1500s. Interestingly, its prolific use by soldiers before battle gave rise to the expression “Dutch courage”.

What’s the best way to drink jenever gin?

Nevertheless, there are certain traditions in the way jenever has been consumed in its home country. Firstly, jenever is served in a stemmed tulip glass similar to Polish karczmiak flutes for vodka. This is filled until the spirit’s service tension allows it to rise above the glass’ brim without spilling.

What are the ingredients in aged Genever Gin?

The Aged Genever Gin is made with premium ingredients like herbs, fruits, and botanicals. They use three processes to extract flavors from their chosen ingredients called percolation, maceration, and distillation to make the extracts that are used to produce the spirits.

What’s the legal name for gin in France?

Furthermore, there are neighbouring French and German regions that can also use the names “jenever”, “genever”, and “genièvre”. Outside of these regions, most similar liquors may only legally use “Dutch-style” gin.