Are Green Shield Stamps worth anything?

How much are my Green Shield Stamps worth? Each stamp had a value printed on it. The Green Shield Stamp Company never redeemed them for cash, but the value was for legal reasons. The original stamps had the value of 0.075d making each stamp worth 0.03p today.

Where could you spend Green Shield Stamps?

Before the Argos catalogue or Tesco Clubcard, shoppers in the 1960s and 70s earned Green Shield Stamps for purchases in a range of smaller shops like local grocers, butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, chemists, bakers, tobacconists, confectioners, drapers, ironmongers and petrol stations.

Why did Green Shield Stamps stop?

A decision was made to abandon Green Shield stamps, saving £20m a year and helping to finance price reductions. In the context of a price war, and higher prices where the stamps were sold, consumers prices were rising to cover costs – and as inflation was high, the value of the stamps was going down.

What were Green Shield Stamps used for?

Sir Jack Cohen, the founder of Tesco, signed his grocery chain up to the Green Shield Stamps scheme in the 1960s. This promotional scheme awarded stamps to Tesco customers when they spent money at the supermarket.

Can you still redeem Green Stamps?

Green stamps were available from a wide variety of retailers, including local department stores, supermarkets, and even gas stations. S&H Green Stamps do have some value as collectibles, but you can’t redeem them for goods anymore.

Could you get a car with Green Shield Stamps?

She added: “The shop was where you redeemed your Green Shield Stamps which you received with purchases you made for petrol or other groceries for a large ranger of gifts. “You could even save up for a car if you collected enough.

Could you get a car with green shield stamps?

When were green stamps discontinued?

S&H Green Stamps was a line of trading stamps popular in the United States from the 1930s until the late 1980s.

What to do with old green stamps?

” You can redeem your old green stamps one-to-one for greenpoints, which can be used to get a gift card or gift certificate.

Does anyone collect S&H green stamps?

Customers received S&H stamps from cashiers at supermarkets, gas stations and other retail locations, collect them in books, and redeem them for merchandise from local Green Stamps stores or the S&H Idea Book catalog. Today, S&H offers “greenpoints” as rewards for purchases made on the Internet.

Who invented green shield stamps?

Richard Tompkins
Green Shield Stamps/Founders

What do I do with old S&H Green Stamps?

S&H started to go downhill in the 1970s and was eventually purchased by a holding company which since 2000 has been offering “greenpoints. ” You can redeem your old green stamps one-to-one for greenpoints, which can be used to get a gift card or gift certificate. You can get the details at

What did people do with Green Shield Stamps?

Green Shield Stamps were almost everywhere in the Britain of the 60s and 70s. If you bought your groceries at certain shops the retailer gave you stamps to stick in a book. Once you had collected enough you exchanged the books for gifts. Most people can remember Green Shield Stamps, but there were other schemes.

Where can I redeem S & H Green Stamps?

The company is now called S&H Greenpoints and its website launched in 2000. If you found a few books of stamps in the back of a drawer, they can be redeemed for gift cards from the S&H Online Rewards catalog. The how-to website WikiHow even offers a guide on redeeming old stamps here.

When did Sperry and Hutchinson Green Shield Stamps start?

Green Shield Stamps was a British sales promotion scheme that rewarded shoppers with stamps that could be used to buy gifts from a catalogue or from any affiliated retailer. The scheme was introduced in 1958 by Richard Tompkins , who had noticed the success of the long-established Sperry & Hutchinson Green Stamps in America.

Where was the Green Shield Stamp Shop in Edmonton?

“To Robert Smalley – The Green Shield Stamp shop was not in Tottenham, but further north past Angel Road in Fore Street, Edmonton. The building is used by Argos today, as what also happened to the Green Shield Stamp shop in Harlow’s Harvey Centre.”