Are Lady Diana stamps worth anything?

The rare Princess Diana bear produced in 1997, complete with its tag, has previously sold on Ebay for almost £4,000. Other commemorative collectors items such as the gold Royal wedding stamp produced by Staffa can be worth up to £50, and Charles and Diana gold plated commemorative coin pendants can be worth around £20.

Are misprinted stamps worth anything?

Stamps with printing errors are strongly coveted by collectors, some being valued thousands of times higher than their nominal price. The philatelic value of an error stamp is defined by its visual appeal and relative scarcity. The more visible the printing mistake is the more chances are for the stamp to sell big.

What is a perforation error on a stamp?

Imperforate errors: Sometimes referred to as a perforation error, this occurs when perforations are missing from one or several sides of a stamp. Perforations are a series of small holes or apertures which are designed to enable easier separation of the stamps in a sheet.

What is an Imperf stamp?

Imperforate (Imperf): Stamps which have been deliberately printed and issued without perforations, so that they bear straight edges on all four sides.

Are old Cancelled stamps worth money?

Cancelled stamps do have value but it is usually far less than stamps without cancellation marks on them. The value attached to a cancelled stamp will depend on the stamp’s rarity and desirability for collecting. Generally, the heavier the cancellation mark, the lower the stamp’s value and it will get a “poor” grade.

How do you use a postage stamp perforation gauge?

We use a perforation gauge to measure the number of holes or teeth within two centimeters….How to measure perforations

  1. To measure your stamp, lay it on the center of your gauge.
  2. Slide the stamp up or down until the perforations on the stamp line up with the pattern on the gauge all the way down the length of the stamp.

What are the most common design errors on stamps?

Design errors occur prior to the stamps being printed, tend to be factual in nature and are not always the fault of the artist! The most commonly found design errors are errors in the text on a stamp, particularly spelling mistakes (especially in Latin or scientific names) and errors of date.

What causes a stamp to have the wrong denomination?

When the stamp comes with a wrong denomination, we have a value error at hand. It can be a high-value denomination on a design meant for lower values or vise versa. Value errors typically occur because of confusingly similar designs or an excessive variety of denominations.

Are there any errors on the GB Machin stamps?

1988 2nd class Bright Blue variety Imperf pair SG 2039ab A fresh U/M imperf pair cat £100 Sale price £37.… 1971 18p Olive Grey variety Imperf Pair SG 955a A fresh U/M pair… 1981 18p Butterflies Gold Queens Head colour shift HALF PRICE… Birds 2 Post & Go issue with the worldwide 10g Font Error (large letters and extra spacing) …

What causes a missing colour on a stamp?

Arguably the most spectacular of all stamp errors, a missing colour occurs during the printing process when one of the intended ink colours fails to print. This can be the result of a complete failure of the ink to be applied to the paper, or as a result of a foreign body getting between the paper and ink roller.