Are Lenny Lamb carriers good?

Lenny Lamb is known for great quality and reasonably priced slings and baby carriers. In recent years they have expanded their range massively, now selling stretchy and woven wraps, meh dais and wrap dais, ring slings, onbus and a bucket load of accessories.

What material is best for baby wrap?

All sorts of materials are used to weave baby wraps. Most common are 100% cotton and the blends of cotton with bamboo viscose, linen, hemp, wool, silk and cashmere. We advise choosing the cotton or cotton/bamboo one for the first wrap.

How do you wash a Lenny Lamb Wrap?

Machine washing Wash the wrap with some clothes/blankets/towels in similar colourway (check if there’re no zip fasteners or sharp elements on them). Do not wash the wrap separately because tumbling in the half-empty drum may weaken the fabric. Wash on the gentle cycle. Do not use softeners or bleach.

Where are Lenny Lamb carriers made?

Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of wraps, ring slings and structured carriers in Poland. LennyLamb produces beautiful and affordable babywearing.

What is an Onbuhimo carrier?

An onbuhimo is a traditional Japanese style baby carrier designed to be worn high on the back. This waistless soft carrier gives a wonderful feeling of freedom to you while letting your little one ride high enough to see over your shoulder and be right where the action is.

Which baby wrap is best for summer?

If you’re looking for a summer baby wrap, the best fabric is linen, bamboo or modal. All those fabrics are thin, lightweight and breathable. Each of them allows the air to circulate through and ensure that your skin can breathe. This means you’re not getting sweaty and sticky.

What is Mei Tai carrier?

A meh dai (also known as a bei dai, formerly known as mei tai) is the common name given to a type of Asian carrier that originated in China many years ago; consisting of a fabric panel with long straps that are wound around the parent’s body, to be tied or twisted or tucked away securely.

Can you front carry in an Onbuhimo?

Onbuhimo is not designed for front carry If you or your baby prefer front carry position.