Are Loras and Margaery lovers?

Margaery marries King Renly Baratheon, the lover of her brother Loras, though she’s aware of their relationship. He makes a point of provoking Margaery about her husband’s sexuality and she affirms her loyalty to Renly. Renly treats with his brother King Stannis Baratheon but is unable to reach a compromise.

How many children did Olenna Tyrell have?

She was born Olenna Redwyne, daughter of Lord Runceford Redwyne. She married Luthor Tyrell, heir to Highgarden, and they had three children: Mace, Mina, and Janna. Their daughters have never been mentioned in the TV series.

Did Margaery Tyrell love Tommen?

It’s entirely plausible that she genuinely liked and appreciated Tommen (why not, he’s a sweet kid) but also saw him as being malleable and useful for her long term goals (both selfish and unselfish). Those are not mutually exclusive. I think she had a personal ambition to be Queen, but also did it for her family.

Was Margaery really friends with Sansa?

Sansa could never fully trust Margaery because she’s ‘friends’ with Cersei. Of course, she’s not really friends with her — it’s all a lie, and doesn’t Cersei know it! But Sansa isn’t aware of this, and she wouldn’t want to confide in someone who might go back to Cersei with her secrets.

How old is Margaery Tyrell in Season 5?

Her age on the show, currently, is probably around 21 or 22 — though it’s unclear. Apparently, Game of Thrones creators were so impressed with Natalie Dormer’s portrayal they decided to up her age in order to cast the actress, who should be just 18 on the show.

Who is the Queen of Highgarden?

Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell
Nickname The Queen of Thorns
Gender Female
Title Dowager Lady of Highgarden
Family House Redwyne House Tyrell

Did Queen Margaery really convert?

But according to set reports, in a big scene involving Dormer, Jonathan Pryce’s High Sparrow, and a massive crowd, Margaery emerges from her cell penitent and, according to some leaks, entirely broken. She is now a convert to the religion of the High Sparrow and the boy king is incapable of snapping her out of it.

Who was Olenna betrothed to in Game of Thrones?

Olenna and Mace then betrothed Margaery to Renly, to whom she got married although the marriage was never consummated for the whole two weeks that it lasted. Margaery knew well that the marriage wouldn’t work and that Loras was in love with Renly but she still entered the marriage.

Why was Margaery married to Tommen in Game of Thrones?

Had Margaery not gone up in flames and stayed married to Tommen, it’s more likely than not that she would have continued to be in conflict with Cersei. After all, they are two very powerful women, both of whom recognize that the young king is their avenue to power.

Who was Olenna Tyrell’s son in Game of Thrones?

Being the heir to High Garden and Olenna’s son, Loras’ sexuality was also a problem for House Tyrell. Olenna and Mace then betrothed Margaery to Renly, to whom she got married although the marriage was never consummated for the whole two weeks that it lasted.

Why did Tommen and Margaery Tyrell get married?

Unfortunately, if Tommen and Margaery had continued in their marriage, it seems rather likely that this would have resulted in the Tyrells having too much power for the other families’ comfort. One of Cersei’s most colossal failures as a ruler was her unwillingness to accept that Daenerys Targaryen was a potent challenge to her throne and her life.