Are Mighty Mite necks finished?

Do your necks have an oil finish on them? The current product has a thin coat of satin polyurethane and the Vintage tint necks gloss polyurethane on them. The earlier necks did have an oil finish on them.

Are Mighty Mite necks Made in USA?

Mighty Mite are producing necks in the USA for the first time in 30 years. Mighty Mite haven’t disclosed who they are having produce these necks but they are hyping the quality as being excellent.

Are Warmoth neck good?

Most Warmoth necks are playable as they are received and do not require fret leveling. However, even the most well-constructed necks can move with changes in temperature, humidity, and string tension, and sometimes additional fretwork is necessary.

Will a Warmoth neck fit a Jackson?

Re: Warmoth neck on Jackson body? Warmoth neck will fit just fine, Jackson uses the same neck pocket as Fender…

What’s a mighty mite?

: something that is small but very strong or powerful This little vacuum cleaner is a mighty mite.

Is Mighty Mite still available?

Unfortunately the Three Threes Might mite has been discontinued nationally. We understand how frustrating it can be to see a favourite product disappear from the shelf and we can assure you that this decision is not one made lightly.

Who were the mighty mites?

In the 1930s and 1940s, there was nothing bigger in Texas high school football than the Masonic Home Mighty Mites―a group of orphans bound together by hardship and death. These youngsters, in spite of being outweighed by at least thirty pounds per man, were the toughest football team around.

Is Mighty Mite healthy?

Mighty Mites is a complete health and well-being program for pre-school children, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in a fun and creative way. Mighty Mites is conducted in the familiar environment of your child’s centre or kindergarten.

What is Mightymite?

Is a Warmoth guitar worth it?

Warmoth builds don’t have a high resale value, because most of the time they aren’t “generic” enough. They were built with specs and options that suited a single player. For example, yours has gold uncovered pickups, gold metal pickup rings, gold frets, no tone knob, etc.