Are Oscar Schmidt ukuleles good?

Oscar Schmidt ukes tend to be at the cheaper end of the price scale but have a good reputation for quality. Having said that, it still makes a good sound and is the easiest to play of all my ukuleles. The action is low and the intonation is very good. I’ve recommended it to a few people as a great first uke.

Where are Oscar Schmidt ukuleles made?

The Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele is made from one of the most sacred and beautiful trees Hawaii – the Hawaiian Koa.

How much is an Oscar Schmidt ukulele?

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

List Price: $199.99 Details
You Save: $30.00 (15%)

Where are Lohanu ukuleles made?

Lohanu ukuleles, and that typically twee ‘Hawaiian’ name, won’t surprise you to be made in China. They are not, however a fully Chinese operation that ship direct from the far east, rather are a company based in Canada that import Chinese made instruments with their branding.

Why did Oscar Schmidt not play in the NBA?

Oscar decided to never play in the NBA and went on to score 49,737 points throughout his career, 11350 more than Kareem! He was partly offended by not being picked earlier, and going to the US meant he would never play for the Brasilian national team again; those were the rules.

Are Kala ukuleles made in China?

Even brands like Kala that make higher-end ukuleles in the US make most of their inexpensive (sub $500 or so) ukuleles in China. This means that there are many factories and workshops that have both the equipment and expertise to make ukuleles.

What are the 4 types of ukuleles?

There are many different sizes and shapes of ukuleles available. The most common sizes are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Some manufacturers make other sizes and shapes, such as the smaller piccolo or sopranissimo models, bass ukuleles, banjo ukes, or the novelty pineapple shape (usually in soprano size).

What are the different sizes of ukuleles?

There are four main sizes of ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone (smallest to largest).

Is Lohanu a good brand?

Lohanu has been one of the best-selling brands with top-rated ukuleles on Amazon across all models. Surprisingly, the brand is actually worth the hype, mainly due to offering a middle ground between quality and price.

How much does an Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele cost?

I did a lot of research both online and in stores and eventually narrowed my options down to the Oscar Schmidt OU5. This ukulele tends to go for $120-130 which puts it above the cheap ukuleles and into the midrange for beginner/intermediate ukuleles.

What kind of fretboard does the OU5 have?

The OU5’s Nyatoh neck features a 16-fret rosewood fretboard, and Grover chrome tuning machines ensure you stay in tune. Oscar Schmidt instruments feature a lifetime warranty, and each ukulele is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician–your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality.

How big is the OU5 concert ukulele size?

The 15-inch scale length and slightly larger body size deliver a deeper tone and a bit more volume, while maintaining the sweetness and instantly recognizable ukulele sound. The OU5 concert ukulele features a select Hawaiian Koa top, back and sides, which look striking in the natural gloss finish.

What kind of binding does the OU5 ukulele have?

The OU5 concert ukulele features a select Hawaiian Koa top, back and sides, which look striking in the natural gloss finish. The abalone binding and rosette are the icing on the cake, for an instrument that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to hear.