Are Roval MTB wheels good?

Verdict. The Roval Traverse Alloy wheels have been an impressive performer, especially when considering the price. The ride is very comfortable with a good balance of support, providing confidence in even the wettest of conditions.

Is Roval made by Specialized?

There are a number of familiar brands that offer similar products like Zipp, Enve and Mavic, and now Roval, owned by Specialized, is making a big push for your consideration. The line consists of three models, the CLX 32, CLX 50 and CLX 64, each model noting the rim depth.

What is a good weight for a wheelset?

For this type of usage, expect a wheelset weight of 1,500 to 1,800g for something that is well priced. A budget wheelset is likely to weigh 1,900g or more.

What hubs do Roval use?

Select Roval models – CL(X) 40 and CLX 64 – are available with SCS rear hubs for use on certain Specialized Tarmac, Roubaix, Diverge, and CruX Disc models. Endcaps are available to use these wheels in both QR and SCS thru-axle configurations. What axle configurations are Roval road disc wheels compatible with?

Who makes Rovalhubs?

Specialized Re-Launches Roval Wheels for 2019.

Are Roval hubs DT Swiss?

All Roval Mountain wheels use DT Swiss internals. Stock DT Swiss replacement freehub parts are compatible with the rear wheels.

Are specialized stout rims tubeless Ready?

The wheels are tubeless ready, but they shipped from the factory with tubes.

Are specialized wheels tubeless ready?

Ensure that both the rims and tires are tubeless compatible before proceeding. Many Specialized bikes are equipped with Roval tubeless-compatible rims and tires.

How much weight do carbon MTB wheels save?

By contrast, the composite version of that wheelets benefitted immediately from a weight saving of 300g. Twenty years on, carbon wheelsets now feature taller rims and can weigh less than 1,500g (especially those with tubular rims) while the lightest wheelsets are well below 1,000g.

Does Specialized still use SCS?

These quick release (rear) bikes are SCS only in that Specialized put a 130mm disc road hub on them, with a funky SCS hanger to make it all work! All SPECIALIZED ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAMES are QUICK RELEASE and therefore NOT REALLY SCS. Once that is installed, you have a regular bike. BUT WAIT, you still have SCS WHEELS!!!

Is Roval DT Swiss?

What are Roval road wheels are tubeless compatible?

What Roval road wheels are tubeless compatible? Our CLX 32, 50, 64, Terra CLX, Terra CLX EVO, C38, SLX 24 and all Contol and Traverse models are compatible. Rapide CLX and Alpinist CLX wheels are not compatible with tubeless road tires.

What makes a roval a good bike to buy?

“One of Roval’s strongest messages revolves around the low weight of each wheelset, which trump all of Zipp’s products, including its opulent NSW builds, as well as some of Enve’s wheelsets.” ” [Roval] hit the mark with the Traverse wheels… They’re built to last, with an excellent ride feel and reliable performance out on the trail.”

What kind of RIM does XC Roval use?

The Control Carbon combines the low weight and strength found in our world-beating Control SL rim with the new DT Swiss 350 hubs and spokes. This level of quality, precision and performance has previously been found only on wheels costing twice as much.

Why are Roval wheels designed as a system?

All Roval wheels are designed and tested as a system. This allows us to tune each wheelset specifically for the intended ride experience and deliver the highest quality wheels. For this reason, we do not offer individual components for sale. What Roval road wheels are tubeless compatible?