Are Stacer boats any good?

The Stacer 429 Sea Master is a welcome addition to the Stacer range and an excellent little boat. Overall, the 429 Sea Master is a good value, safe, stable, well-mannered boat with a comfortable ride and easy handling.

What is the difference between Quintrex and Stacer?

The Quintrex will ride better everyday of the week in any conditions ,the 429 is slightly longer in length . The main difference in the 2 boats is the bottom sides ,the Stacer being cut and pressed then the Quinnie being Cut,Stretched over there 1 of a kind Die and pressed to form the Bottomside of the hull.

How heavy is a small tinny?

A tinnie in the 3.5m to 3.8m range will weigh between 60kg to 85kg and will be ideal and well suited to a 15hp outboard motor.

Where are Formosa boats made?

The Formosa aluminium boats are designed and built in Brisbane, Tingalpa and are known for their strength, stability and versatility.

Does quintrex own stacer?

Telwater is Australia’s leading and largest manufacturer of aluminium boat and trailer packages in the southern hemisphere. Specialising in the design and manufacture of Australia’s leading aluminium boat brands, Quintrex, Stacer and Savage, as well as Yellowfin Plate Boats.

Who makes Clark boats?

Clark Aluminium Boats are built by Australians – in Australia – for Australian conditions. It doesn’t get any more Aussie than that! Something of an Aussie icon, Clark Aluminium Boats has earned this enviable status by serving generations of commercial and recreational boaters.

Does quintrex make stacer?

Who makes Bermudaboats?

Mercury Marine has moved production of its Bermuda aluminium boats in-house. Previously built by Queensland’s Ally Craft, the Bermuda range will now be produced alongside Mercury’s premium Savage aluminium boat marque at its new Melbourne factory.

How heavy is a 12ft tinny?

Weighing in at only 61kg, don’t be fooled by it’s size, this is one sturdy little tinnie.

What is a tinny voice?

If you describe a sound as tinny, you mean that it has an irritating, high-pitched quality. He could hear the tinny sound of a radio playing a pop song. Synonyms: jangling, thin, metallic, jingling More Synonyms of tinny.

Who makes Formosa?

Formosa Plastics Corp

Native name 台灣塑膠公司
Industry Chemicals
Founded 1954
Headquarters Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Key people Lee Chih-tsuen (李志村) (President)

Where are Cruise Craft boats made?

Cruise Craft is a wholly family owned, third generation Australian boat manufacturing business, operating from their Brisbane manufacturing facility. Cruise Craft boats are distributed exclusively through a network of Authorised Dealers throughout Australia and selected international markets.