Are there any smooth jazz stations left?

Currently, the most prominent of the few remaining commercial (and independently programmed) smooth jazz stations are WSBZ “The Seabreeze” in Destin, Florida, and WEIB in Northampton, Massachusetts.

What station is smooth jazz on?

BSJ.FM | Greater London’s Smooth Jazz Station, England.

What frequency is smooth jazz?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel Format
WAEG 92.3 MHz Smooth Jazz
WAJH 91.1 MHz Smooth Jazz
WBGO 88.3 MHz Mainstream
WBRH 90.3 MHz Mainstream

Is smooth jazz still popular?

In terms of its popularity, smooth jazz peaked in the early 00s, but it still has a loyal audience, with artists such as keyboardist Jeff Lorber, saxophonists Boney James and Richard Elliot, guitarist Chuck Loeb, and vocalist Will Downing (the latter proving that smooth jazz isn’t the exclusive preserve of …

What is the best jazz radio station?

WBGO (88.3 FM) is arguably the best jazz station in the world, and its fate speaks to the broader challenges facing the popularity of jazz, that uniquely American idiom.

What is the difference between jazz and smooth jazz?

The fundamental difference between smooth jazz and traditional jazz lies in the chief instrumentalist’s approach to improvisation. Typically, at least on record, smooth jazz musicians just don’t improvise. As the artists found on smooth jazz playlists make clear, the “smooth” is usually more important than the “jazz.”

Where is Jazz FM?

Jazz FM is a radio station broadcasting on digital radio in the United Kingdom and Malta which predominantly plays jazz music, jazz standards as well as blues and soul music. The station also plays specialist programming in a wide variety of jazz disciplines.

Is Smooth Jazz real jazz?

Smooth jazz is a commercially oriented, crossover jazz which came to prominence in the 1980s, displacing the more venturesome jazz fusion from which it emerged.

What happened to 107.3 The Wave smooth jazz?

The beginning of the Christmas season could mark the end of smooth jazz at 107.3 The Wave. Knowledgeable sources say the station is abandoning the format on Friday. In 2009, the station abandoned smooth jazz for alternative and adult rock under its former owner, Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting.

Is smooth jazz real jazz?

How can I listen to Jazz FM?

Listen online

  1. On the app: Download the official JAZZ.FM91 app for your iOS or Android device and easily listen at home or on the go.
  2. On the web: Listen directly on the web at

What is the news on Smooth 98.1FM?

Listeners are updated with the top national headlines of the day and a brief rundown of top stories from around the world covering wider Africa, international, business/economy, sports and any other news story of public interest.

Where to listen to smooth jazz in San Diego?

Smooth Jazz is back in San Diego! Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online – wherever you are! I am now the fourth American president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan.

What kind of music is on Smooth Breakfast?

SMOOTH 98.1FM – LOVE MUSIC, LOVE LIFE. Smooth Breakfast is an energetic morning show with amazing music, intelligent talk, and refreshing (though sometimes heated) discussions on topical issues happening around the country aimed to both inform and entertain the listener. We like to say, ‘It is the grown-up way to start your weekday’.

Who are the hosts of smooth jazz United?

Jazz United is a wide-ranging conversation show from WBGO, hosted by critic Nate Chinen and broadcaster Greg Bryant. Covering a host of subjects relevant to the musical community, it draws on the shared enthusiasms of its hosts as well as some key differences.