Are there bears in Shawnee National Forest?

Black bear is the only bear that will ever likely occur within the Shawnee National Forest and at one time, long before the forest, we had a population of these types of bear. From time to time, we have confirmed bear reports in and around the Shawnee National Forest, but these reports are often very rare.

What town is Shawnee National Forest in?


Shawnee National Forest
Garden of the Gods Wilderness in Shawnee National Forest
Location Illinois, U.S.
Nearest city Harrisburg, Illinois
Coordinates 37°30′N 88°40′WCoordinates: 37°30′N 88°40′W

Does Shawnee National Forest have waterfalls?

Burden Falls is one of the most visited and popular Southern Illinois Waterfall sites in the Shawnee National Forest. It is very easy to get to and the main waterfall is right by the parking lot. However the main waterfall is what most people visit the area for, especially during really wet days.

Is Shawnee National Forest open?

Alternatively, wilderness areas throughout the Shawnee National Forest remain open to public use. Camping in these areas is allowed as long as users follow standard Wilderness Area regulations. This camping is dispersed and no amenities are provided.

What is the deadliest animal in Illinois?

5 Of The Most Dangerous Illinois Animals

  • Timber Rattlesnake.
  • Striped Bark Scorpion.
  • Black Widow Spider. The black widow spider is a commonly known predator with its distinctive black color with a bold, iconic red spot on its abdomen.
  • Mountain Lion.
  • Brown Recluse Spider.

Do mountain lions live in Illinois?

No longer are there populations of bears, mountain lions and wolves in Illinois. But that’s not to say individual examples of these long-vanished species won’t occasionally appear in Illinois.

Can you drive through Shawnee National Forest?

The drive consists of a mixture of state, county and forest roads. The main attractions are along the winding LaRue Pine Hills road, which leads you to the top of bluffs overlooking the Mississippi floodplain and the world-renowned LaRue Pine Hills/Otter Pond Research Natural Area and Ecological Area.

What animals live in the Shawnee National Forest?

We have a lot of ground critters in the Shawnee National Forest. These animals are what you will be seeing the most while out hiking in the forest. Squirrels, skunks, chipmunks, groundhogs, rodents, beavers, possums, raccoons and even armadillos are common critters.

Can you swim at Shawnee National Forest?

Within the Shawnee National Forest, there isn’t a single swimming hole to be found: there are tons. The area has countless scenic pools that look like advertisements for bottled water, with crystal clear swimming spots fed by rocky streams.

What is the biggest waterfall in Illinois?

Burden Falls
Burden Falls in Pope County is one of the most scenic waterfalls in the forest, and considered the largest in the state.

Is there a fee to enter Shawnee National Forest?

Visitors enjoy a pleasant afternoon at Garden of the Gods. HARRISBURG — The Shawnee National Forest is considering a $5 per-vehicle fee to visit six of its most popular sites.

Is Cave In Rock Open?

Hours are daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the full service restaurant. For more information, call (618) 289-4545 or write Cave-In-Rock Restaurant and Lodging, Cave-In-Rock, IL 62919. For a different view of Cave-In-Rock, consider a boat ride down the Ohio River.