Can PSP emulate NDS?

DeSmuME-PSP is a free and open-source experimental Nintendo DS emulator for PlayStation Portable. …

What emulators run well on PSP?


  • Game Boy Advance. TempGBA4PSP. TempGBA4PSP is the most recent GBA emulator for the PSP, and has superior compatibility with most problematic games (Golden Sun, for example).
  • Super Famicom (SNES) Snes9xTYL mecm Mod.
  • Nintendo 64. DaedalusX64.
  • Nintendo DS. DSonPSP.

Is PSP better than NDS?

When it comes down to it, the PSP features a much more standardized input system with its analog stick, though the DS allows for much greater creative design with its touch screen. But when it comes down to it, the PSP is much better suited for 99% of the games on the market.

Why is PSP so good?

The PSP managed to hold its own against Nintendo’s stranglehold on the handheld gaming industry. It had some good games and much better online functionality/console connectivity than the DS ever did, as much as I loved the DS. Also, the ability to make my PSP into a portable PS1 is a huge selling point.

What sold more PSP or DS?

Though it seems Nintendo’s DS is significantly outselling the PSP hardware in North America, how about game sales? PSP: 396 titles released with an average of 133,000 units sold per title. Nintendo DS: 653 titles released with an average of 163,000 units sold per title.

Is there GBA emulator for the NDS?

According to claims, the NO$GBA is the fastest emulator for the NDS ROM. It can also work with any games for NDS and at full speed too. You can also play Game Boy and GBA games, and you can expect only very minimal errors when it comes to picture and audio. The NO$GBA was released in May 2005,…

How do I download a DS emulator?

Downloading a DS Emulator for Mac Go to in a web browser. Click on the Download link on the right side of the page. Download the Latest Stable Release for your Mac OS. Double-click the downloaded file. Double-click the DeSmuMe app inside.

Is there a DS emulator for PSP?

Nintendo DS . DSonPSP. Probably the only ds emulator and is very experimental and support for it stopped a long time ago,and you can’t a touch or second screen on psp properly (unless you flip the psp sideways), so it was a failure from the start. SEGA Genesis / Sega CD PicoDrive 1.51b Master System / Game Gear

Which is better Nintendo DS or PSP?

When compared to the PSP, however, the Nintendo DS’ screen quality falls short. The viewing angles aren’t nearly as nice, and the colors and overall clarity just don’t compare. It does sport a better refresh rate though, saving it from some of the blurring problems that the PSP suffers from.