Can space/time fabric be broken?

According to Einstein’s general relativity, it is impossible to tear the fabric of space. They performed a series of mathematical manipulations called flop transitions, which means that the original Calabi-Yau space is flopped over into a new configuration.

What happens to the space and time fabric around them?

One of the predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity is that any spinning body drags the very fabric of space-time in its vicinity around with it. This is known as “frame-dragging”. The faster an object spins and the more massive it is, the more powerful the drag.

What is a space-time fabric?

Space-time can be thought of as a ‘fabric’ in which the objects of the Universe are embedded. Those objects – stars, planets, black holes – make space-time curve in upon itself, just as an elastic fabric holding a ball would do. The more massive the object, the deeper the curve – the same as in a fabric!

Does spacetime exist?

In general relativity, spacetime is no longer a static background, but actively interacts with the physical systems that it contains. Spacetime curves in the presence of matter, can propagate waves, bends light, and exhibits a host of other phenomena.

What happens if spacetime rips?

Planetary systems like the Solar System would become gravitationally unbound about three months before the Big Rip, and planets would fly off into the rapidly expanding universe. At the time the Big Rip occurs, even spacetime itself would be ripped apart and the scale factor would be infinity.

Can space/time be destroyed?

The more massive an object, the greater its distortion of spacetime, and that distortion is felt as gravity. That connection led to the creation of a model that proposes that spacetime can be created or destroyed by changing the amount of entanglement between different surface regions of an object.

Why time Slows Down in space?

Time dilation goes back to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which teaches us that motion through space actually creates alterations in the flow of time. The clock in motion will tick more slowly than the clocks we’re watching on Earth.

Is time and space the same?

Thus, space and time are effectively interchangeable, and fundamentally the same thing (or at least two different sides of the same coin), an effect which becomes much more noticeable at relativistic speeds approaching the speed of light.

Can space tear?

So this settles the question, at least for string theory: yes, space can tear (and in the quantum averaging we have to include spacetimes with various numbers of handles). One final note: Because the deformation is occurring in quantum gravity and not classical gravity, it isn’t really tearing as you think of it.

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Is the space time fabric a geometric equation?

The idea that space is a fabric has its limitations. It is quite clear that a large mass cannot pull this fabric ‘down’ and cause the other objects within it to move along a curved path. Spacetime may obey geometric equations and be curved, but not like this.

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