Can t connect to remote server socket error# 10060?

10060 is a Connection Time-out error that usually appears when the client does not receive a response from the server for a specific command. Most often this occurs when you try to connect in PASV mode to a server that prefers PORT for data connections.

Could not connect to server socket error 10060 winscp?

Socket error = #10060. A socket error 10060 is a connection time-out error that occurs if CuteFTP does not receive a response from the remote FTP server after a command is sent. It occurs after an FTP session is established but usually before any data is received from the remote FTP server.

What is socket Error 10060 Windows Live?

If the socket error 10060 Windows live mail, you can be sure that there is a server issue. You will receive the error if the destination server connection has timed out. The error might also be caused by incorrect email settings, authentication settings, firewalls, viruses, or malware.

How do you fix a TCP socket error?

Check the TCP/IP services configuration file. Verify that a SequeLink service is listening on the server host at the specified port. Use the netstat -a command on the host to obtain a list of TCP ports that are in the listening state. Check for congestion problems on the server.

What does ” connection error 10060 ” in SFTP mean?

And, if users use Passive mode to connect to the remote server, they’ll receive the SFTP “ connection error 10060 “. The solution depends on the FTP client used by the customer. Our Support Specialists get the FTP client details from the customer and help them to navigate their FTP settings and enable Active mode.

Why is there socket error 10060 on CuteFTP?

Test the new settings by going to the website that displayed the Socket Error 10060 message. This method is effective if the error occurs due to incorrect data connection settings. CuteFTP uses passive mode by default so to ensure the error is resolved, you may have to switch from passive mode to active port mode.

What is the default SFTP port for FileZilla?

For example in Filezilla, website owners must provide the hostname as to securely connect via SFTP. However, we’ve seen instances where users forget to specify sftp in front of the FTP host. Similarly, the default FTP port is 21, while the SFTP port is 22.

What’s the difference between FTP and SFTP ports?

Similarly, the default FTP port is 21, while the SFTP port is 22. We’ve seen instances where users use SFTP connection but fail to provide the correct SFTP port in the FTP client configuration.