Can the hummock erupt again?

Dormant volcano is one that is inactive and will erupt in the future like Mt St Helens in the USA. “Given that the Hummock erupted one million years ago, and it is of the style of volcano that erupts once, the Hummock itself will not be the site of a future eruption.

How high is the hummock in Bundaberg?

96 metres
Get in touch Situated off the road to Bargara is the low-lying volcanic remnant known as “The Hummock” which, although only 96 metres above sea-level, offers visitors good views over the whole area.

Is the hummock dormant?

The Hummock is a dormant volcano reaching 96 metres above sea level. It gives visitors a very rare opportunity to view Bundaberg from an elevated point looking out over the ocean and the coloured patchwork of fields.

What type of volcano is the hummock?

Bundaberg Volcano – John Seach Volcanic rocks were drilled at a depth of 421-592 m on the northern tip of Fraser Island. The most recent eruptions were at Coalstoun Lakes. The Hummock erupted 900,000 years ago. Mount Le Brun is a 330 m high cone which contains two crater lakes, volcanic bombs and basalt lava.

What is Australia’s largest extinct volcano?

A GROUP OF geoscientists aboard the CSIRO’s research ship the Investigator have captured rare footage of Australia’s largest volcano, Big Ben, erupting while on an expedition mapping the seafloor around the sub-Antarctic Heard Island.

Where is Australia’s extinct volcano?

The Tweed Volcano in New South Wales is extinct, having last erupted over 23 million years ago, and it’s an example of a shield volcano.

When was the last active volcano in Australia?

about 5,000 years ago
The most recent eruptions on the Australian mainland occurred at Mt Gambier and Mt Schank in South Australia about 5,000 years ago. These volcanoes are part of a larger volcanic area or province in south-eastern Australia, where we can still expect another eruption.

What does Qunaba mean?

Qunaba takes its name from the Qunaba sugar plantation and mill. Originally established as the Mon Repos plantation and mill, it was taken over in 1900 by the Queensland National Bank who renamed it Qunaba (coined from QUeensland NAtional BAnk).

What is Australia’s largest volcano?

Big Ben (previously known as Big Ben Peak, Old Ben Mountain, Emperor William Peak and Kaiser Wilhelm-Berg) is a volcanic massif that dominates the geography of Heard Island in the southern Indian Ocean. It is a stratovolcano with a diameter of about 25 km (16 mi).

What is the oldest volcano in Australia?

The Glass House Mountains are examples of volcanism in eastern Australia. ( Giulio Saggin, file photo: ABC News.

  • Mount Gambier erupted just 5,000 years ago. (
  • Basalt columns known as the Organ Pipes in Victoria formed about 1 million years ago. (
  • Undara Lava Tubes in Far North Queensland formed around 190,000 years ago.
  • Why is there no volcano in Australia?

    Volcanoes in Australia Active volcanoes generally occur close to the major tectonic plate boundaries. They are rare in Australia because there are no plate boundaries on this continent. As the continent moved northward, the stationary hot spot formed volcanoes further to the south on the continent.

    What’s it like to live in Bargara?

    Bargara is a small coastal community which offers the best of both “small” and “regionally-connected”. It hugs the pretty coastline and is a lovely spot for both holidayers and residents, with beautiful safe beaches and a well-developed esplanade and walkways. It is very close to world-famous Mon Repos turtle rookery.

    Where is the Hummock Road in Bundaberg Australia?

    To find The Hummock, you’ll need to head out of Bundaberg on either Bargara Road or Windermere Road, and turn off at the aptly named Hummock Road (or just put this road in your GPS like I did).

    Why did Anthony Bundaberg want to grow Ginger?

    With a temperate climate, clean water and rich red soil, Bundaberg’s only hill provided the perfect site to catch the sun’s first rays and grow quality fresh food. In the 1980s Anthony’s grandfather and father diversified the family business and began growing small crops.

    How tall is the Hummock in Bargara Australia?

    Situated off the road to Bargara is the low-lying volcanic remnant known as “The Hummock” which, although only 96 metres above sea-level, offers visitors good views over the whole area.

    What to see at the Hummock Lookout in Queensland?

    The ocean is visible to the east while, to the west, the sugar fields can be seen encircling the city with the smoke stacks of the Bundaberg Distillery and Mill on the horizon. Watch the moon rise over the ocean as the sun sets over the land. The Hummock holds an important place in local indigenous history.