Can you fish at Blackwater River?

The River Blackwater contains Chub, Roach, Gudgeon, Dace and some Pike to mid 20’s and may be fished from the wooden fence near the entrance to the site through to the end of the main lake. Suitable for most river tactics, although the venue is largely shallow with fast shallow runs into deeper areas.

Is there pike in the Blackwater?

Good coarse fishing is available to visitors at a number of venues within the Blackwater catchment area, fishing for dace, roach, bream, tench, perch, gudgeon, pike , and carp.

Where can I fish in Blackwater?

Coarse fishing on the River Blackwater

  • Fermoy. Fermoy straddles the River Blackwater in north-east Co. Cork and is on the Portlaoise-Cork road (N8).
  • Mallow. Mallow, in north Co.
  • Cappoquin. Cappoquin is a small town on the N72, 20 miles east of Fermoy on the River Blackwater at the top of the tidal waters.

What kind of fish are in Blackwater?

About Blackwater Bay Can you fish in Blackwater Bay? Blackwater Bay is near East Milton. The most popular species caught here are Red drum, Black drum, and Gafftopsail sea catfish.

Where can I fish in Lismore?

Places To Fish From Shore Lismore Rowing Club Wharf Rowing Club Car Park (Behind CBD) Cast directly off the wharf for and easy stress free fishing spot. Victoria St Boat Ramp Victoria St, Lismore Next to the boat ramp is a wharf that makes an easily accessible fishing spot.

Where does the River Blackwater rise?

River Blackwater, Irish An Abhainn Mhór, river rising in the uplands on the border of Counties Cork and Kerry, Ireland, and flowing 104 miles (167 km) to the sea at Youghal, County Cork.

Where does the River Blackwater start and end?

Celtic Sea
River Blackwater/Mouths

It rises in the Mullaghareirk Mountains in County Kerry and then flows in an easterly direction through County Cork, through Mallow and Fermoy. It then enters County Waterford where it flows through Lismore, before abruptly turning south at Cappoquin, and finally draining into the Celtic Sea at Youghal Harbour.

Where is the best trout fishing in Ireland?


  • RIVER NIRE, COMERAGH MOUNTAINS. Tributary of the River Suir, the River Nire is one of the most spectacular spots for Brown Trout fishing.

How much is a fishing Licence in Ireland?

In general, a fishing permit costs from €20 to €50 a day.

Where can I fish for snakeheads?

Snakehead are getting into more and more rivers and creeks. The best places to catch them are at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and along the Potomac River in places like Mallows Bay and Mattawoman Creek, which you can access at Smallwood State Park.

How do you catch snakeheads in open water?

Casting into a smaller tributary channel with open water is the best way to fish for snakehead with a jig. Smaller channel size means the open water won’t be as deep, so the snakehead are more likely to see the jig and come up for a strike. Chatterbaits – Another lure that excels in open water are chatterbaits.

What fish are in the Wilson River NSW?

Wilson River Fishing You’ll find Flathead right along the river. They’ll take to soft plastics and diving minnow hardbody lures. The confluence of the Maria is good for Garfish on prawns. There are plenty of Bream to be caught, especially in summer during cicada season.

What kind of bait to use in Blackwater River?

The other option in the summer is to fish with bottom baits such as worm and peeler crab in the hope for flounder and schoolie bass. In the winter fish with large baits and fish in the deeper channels for the chance of cod and good sized whiting.

What’s the best way to catch bass in the Blackwater?

This is best done suing lures in my opinion, although do be aware of the state of tide and depth of water you are fishing in. Surface lures work well at combating the weed and depth issues and during low light conditions can be an excellent option for some of the larger bass here.

What do you need to know about Blackwater fishing?

Color is an important choice for fishing in the refuge. They don’t call it Blackwater for nothing; the water is highly tannic, so baits should be highly visible or make a noise to help goad the fish into biting something that could be difficult to see.

What to do on the River Blackwater in the winter?

In the winter fish with large baits and fish in the deeper channels for the chance of cod and good sized whiting. Getting there: The power station is well signposted and parking is available close by, followed by a short walk to the required location.