Can you stream live from Veo?

Yes, Veo can record most sports with a ball and two ends. No, it’s not possible to livestream with Veo. After you’ve finished your recording, it needs to be uploaded to our platform before you can see the game. You can download and export highlights – as well as the full game video – to social media.

Can you watch Veo on TV?

Veo Live supports both AirPlay and Chromecast, so you can cast the match to your TV or any other bigger screen with a wireless connection.

How can I watch Veo?

To watch and interact with your recordings, go to the Veo platform and log in to your account. Once you have chosen a recording, you can watch it in 3 different views: broadcast, panoramic and interactive view.

How can I watch CBS 5?

KPHO is a CBS local network affiliate in Phoenix-Prescott, AZ. You can watch KPHO local news, weather, traffic, live sports, daytime, primetime, & late night programming. You will be able to watch the broadcast station with an antenna on Channel 5 or by subscribing to a live streaming service.

How much is veo?

Veo designed the product, and its business model, to make it easy and affordable for all teams to record their games. The camera itself is priced at $799, and the tripod at $250, and an annual subscription ranges from $1,100 to $1,500 depending on which package you opt for.

Is veo any good?

Veo can be used for soccer video highlights but also as a soccer tactical camera that captures a larger field view and allows you to see the play develop and how your players respond. If you’re a parent looking for an easy way to capture good game video then Veo is one of the best cameras for soccer moms and dads.

Is there a Veo app?

Veo makes your daily commute easier and faster. Download the app, grab a Veo e-scooter, bike, or e-bike and just enjoy the ride.

How much does a Veo cost?

Which channel is CBS Bay Area?

channel 5
KPIX-TV, virtual channel 5 (UHF digital channel 29), is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to San Francisco, California, United States and serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Channel Is CBS in Prescott?

Stations for Prescott, Arizona

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
05-1 30.3 CBS
05-2 30.4 COZI TV
05-3 30.5 Dabl
05-4 30.7 Shop LC

Does Veo require subscription?

The subscription is mandatory for using Veo. The price covers the processing of the uploaded recording, the usage of the online analysis platform, and unlimited storage of recordings. We offer three different subscriptions: Team, Club and Enterprise.

Does Veo camera record sound?

It won’t have the ability to pan around the field like the Veo can since it’s not recording the whole pitch. Veo can be used for soccer video highlights but also as a soccer tactical camera that captures a larger field view and allows you to see the play develop and how your players respond.

How does Veo work in interactive video player?

In the interactive video player, Veo’s AI marks goals and kickoff and you can use drag and drop functionality to mark your own highlights. By automatically zooming and panning, Veo creates a broadcast view of your game so you can view like a TV broadcast production.

How can I use Veo to record my matches?

Simply upload your Veo recording to the platform and Veo’s software creates a fully viewable recording of your match. Analyze your match, cut highlights and share them with your players. All in one subscription. All in one platform. Watch your recordings in four different views.

How does a Veo sports camera work on a phone?

Set up the camera, press record on your smartphone and start recording all the action. Veo’s camera records 180° with two 4K lenses, contains enough storage for several matches and only weighs a little over 1kg. Upload your match and Veo’s software creates a full viewable recording of your match.