Can you visit the Farallon Islands?

Although the islands are closed to public visitation, interested locals can take boat tours through the nearby waters. These tours are run by San Francisco Whale Tours and led by naturalists – but they are not recommended for those who cannot handle the turbulent waves, freezing cold, and soaking sea spray.

How long is the boat ride to the Farallon Islands?

4 to 7 hours
Generally, my experiences sailing out to the Farallones, the trip takes 4 to 7 hours depending on conditions and how much motoring occurs.

Can you take a boat to Farallon Islands?

Sailing from the Golden Gate Bridge out to the Farallon Islands is one of the great boating adventures in Central California. It can be challenging though, so you don’t want to be too cavalier about this endeavor.

How many sharks are at the Farallon Islands?

Great white sharks are one of the many species found at the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, 30 miles west of San Francisco. Each fall, between 15 and 50 sharks arrive at the islands.

Who lives on the Farallon Islands?

No one but scientists and Fish and Wildlife representatives are allowed on the island, and they live in one of the remaining houses dating back to the 1870s. There’s no actual harbor on SEFI, so they use a huge crane to launch a small boat that greets visiting biologists from large boats.

Are there sharks at Alcatraz?

Are there man-eating sharks in the bay? Great white sharks (unfairly made infamous by the movie “Jaws”) rarely venture inside the bay, even though they are numerous in Pacific Ocean waters just outside the Golden Gate.

Can you see the Farallon Islands from San Francisco?

The Farallon Islands are just 27 miles from San Francisco and the ticket to this classic adventure is aboard the nonprofit Oceanic Society’s Salty Lady, a 56-foot-long whale-watching boat equipped with friendly staff and a naturalist who’s a virtual water-borne Wikipedia.

Why are the Farallon Islands off limits?

The refuge is closed to the public because of the sensitivity of habitat and to minimize disturbance to the wildlife. The seabirds and marine mammals live in abundance on the islands because they are free from human disturbance. The steep, rocky slopes also limit safe access onto the island.

Are there sharks around the Farallon Islands?

The Farallon Islands within the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary are home to some of the world’s largest great white sharks. These islands (Southeast Farallon and Maintop Island) off the coast of San Francisco are the winter water playground of adult great white sharks measuring 15 to 20 feet long.

What part of California has the most sharks?

White sharks live worldwide in cool, coastal waters. In the eastern Pacific, they live from Baja California, Mexico, to the Gulf of Alaska, and appear to be most abundant in California at the Channel Islands off southern California and locations north of Point Conception, California.

How deep is the water at the Farallon Islands?

Lying 28 miles west of San Francisco Bay the Refuge is on the western edge of the continental shelf. This area of the ocean plunges to 6,000 foot depths.

Can you swim from Alcatraz to shore?

The Alcatraz swim is approximately two miles from Alcatraz Island to the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Due to the added difficulty of swimming in the open water compared to pool swimming, you should be able to at least 2-2.5 miles in a pool.

Which is the best tour to the Farallon Islands?

“Shark Stewards charters the Outer Limits for educational wildlife trips to the Farallon Islands each” more “Captain Jonathan is incredibly down to earth, educated on the Bay Area, and very understanding. We had a great time learning about the history of Angel Island…” more

Who is the Oceanic Society of the Farallon Islands?

Oceanic Society Farallon Islands Whale Watching. Oceanic Society is a non-profit marine conservation organization founded in San Francisco in 1969.

Can You Whale Watch on the Farallon Islands?

The tour should really be advertised as a Farallon Islands round trip, rather than a whale watching tour, since there are limited prospects of sighting any substantial number of whales. Additionally, they should accept only enough guests as there are seats on the boat.