Do The Villages in Florida have apartments?

The Lofts at Brownwood Apartment-style living with all the lifestyle The Villages has to offer. On-site amenities, recreation, golf car accessibility conveniently located at Brownwood Paddock Square, where you can enjoy all of the entertainment, dining, shopping and fun!

Does The Villages Florida have condos?

Do The Villages in Florida have condos? The Villages in Florida technically do have condos. The Villas of Spanish Springs are condominiums according to First Amended And Restated Declaration Of Condominium Of Villas Of Spanish Springs, A Condominium The Villages, Florida.

Is it expensive to live in The Villages Florida?

The cost of living in The Villages is above average for the USA, mainly due to the cost of housing. At the time of this writing, the median home price in The Villages was $268,600. Things like groceries, health, and transportation compare well with the US average in terms of affordability.

Do people like the Villages in Florida?

The Villages is an excellent place to live, especially if you’re older than 50. There are more clubs and recreational activities than you’ll ever be able to do. There are about 80 golf courses. It’s also good for families who want to live in the family communities outside The Villages.

How much is the Villages in Florida?

Ryan Erisman, author of “The Villages Florida Book,” says the first thing people interested in the area want to know is “Can I afford it?” The official Village line on what it costs to live there is $1,039 a month, well within many couples’ budgets, even those heavily reliant on Social Security.

How much does it cost to move to The Villages in Florida?

Is The Villages in Florida a gated community?

Although The Villages has over 90 gate facilities spread throughout the community, we are not a “gated community.” Because our roadways are public roads, access to our communities cannot be restricted. The gate attendants are assigned at the gate houses to greet people as they move through the gate.

Does The Villages have a high STD rate?

Apparently, The Villages has been noted as having (one of) the highest rates of STD in the country!! And here’s a chart of new STD cases per 100,000 people aged 55+ in Sumter County vs. the state as a whole: Any good statistician will tell you that you can make numbers say anything you want.

Are there alligators in The Villages florida?

Spring brings a time of greater activity among alligators in Florida, including the ones in lakes and ponds here in The Villages.

What are The Villages HOA fees?

HOA Monthly Fee’s for “Condominiums” range from $600 – $1000+ Per Month. The Villages HOA Fee’s for “Condominiums” are based on: The Villages determine their Home Owners Association Fees (HOA Fees) on Sq. Ft.

Where are the villages homes in Florida?

The Villages is a master-planned age-restricted retirement community located mainly in Sumter County, Florida, United States, but also includes portions of Lake and Marion counties .

Where are the villages located in Florida?

The Villages is a census-designated place (CDP) in Sumter County , Florida, United States. It shares its name with a broader master-planned age-restricted community that spreads into portions of Lake and Marion counties .

What is the population of the Villages FL?

The Villages demographics profile. The Villages, FL has a population of 69,457 and is the 527th largest city in the United States.