Do you need a permit to backpack Coyote Gulch?

Backcountry permits are required for all overnight stays in the Escalante District of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, including Coyote Gulch. Obtain permits at the Escalante Interagency Visitor Center in the town of Escalante or at one of the entry trailheads.

Can you hike Coyote Gulch in one day?

Coyote Gulch is a tributary of the Escalante River. Multiple hiking entry points are located off of the Hole-in-the-Rock Road in Escalante, Utah. The trail may be enjoyed as an overnight backpacking trip or as a long day hike. The mileage and length of time required will depend on your point of entry into the canyon.

Can you have a fire in Coyote Gulch?

Fires are not permitted in Coyote Gulch.

How long is the hike to Coyote Gulch?

8-10 hours
Coyote Gulch Hike Details. Approximate hiking time – 8-10 hours, or you can choose to spend the night down in the Gulch. Difficulty – Routefinding across open desert, descent from canyon wall down into Coyote Gulch can be intimidating – Difficult.

Do you need a permit to hike Buckskin Gulch?

You need a permit for day hiking and overnight trips in Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch. The fee is $6 per person per day for day hiking and $5 per person per day for overnight trips. You can get permits for day hiking in Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch at the self-pay stations at each trailhead.

Where is Coyote Gulch located?

southern Utah
Coyote Gulch is a tributary of the Escalante River, located in Garfield and Kane Counties in southern Utah, in the western United States.

Can you swim in Coyote Gulch?

Very near this location, a side trip via a primitive trail and small canyon branches north to access the Black Lagoon. Many adventurers find this to be a welcome swimming hole and cliff jumping locale.

Can you hike Coyote Gulch in winter?

1) Best time of year to hike Coyote Gulch Coyote Gulch is on the edge of Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The Summer months are very hot, and even though it’s technically a desert, the winters are very cold. (See average temperature chart above.)

Is Coyote Gulch safe?

Although you can camp anywhere in the canyon, the most reliable sites can be found in the middle section of Coyote Gulch (flash flooding sometimes wipes them out). Between Jacob Hamblin Arch and the Natural Bridge are the most popular.

Is Buckskin Gulch a hard hike?

It is not a technical hike, but is rated as strenuous because of its length. You do have to scramble over rocks and wade/swim potholes. Buckskin Gulch is located along the Utah/Arizona border, near Kanab. It can be done as a long day hike, if you are in good shape, but is best as an overnight backpack.

Can you hike Buckskin Gulch on your own?

Casual visitors can hike in from Wire Pass or Buckskin Gulch TH with a simple day-use permit at the trailhead. You can hike as far into the canyons as you dare. Keep an eye on the clock, and simply turn around and return the way you came.

How long is Spooky Gulch?

The total loop route is about 3.5 miles long.

Where to get a permit for Coyote Gulch?

You can obtain a permit at the Escalante Interagency Visitor Center in the town of Escalante or at either Crack in the Wall or Hurricane Wash trailheads. Permits are not required for day-hiking Coyote Gulch but for your own safety, you are encouraged to sign the trail register before beginning from any of the trailheads.

How big of a group can go to Coyote Gulch?

You can get a permit at the Escalante Interagency Visitor Center in the town of Escalante, UT or at one of the entry trailheads. As of now, there’s no online reservations system. The group size limit for Coyote Gulch is 12 people.

How long does it take to backpack Coyote Gulch?

It was kind of like Paria Canyon , another gorgeous trail in Escalante, except Coyote Gulch can be backpacked in 2-3 days and isn’t as logistically challenging. Here in this guide, I share the details of my trip and all of the info you need to plan your own backpacking trip to Coyote Gulch.

How to get to Coyote Gulch from Escalante?

To reach any of the trailheads for Coyote Gulch, drive on State Highway 12 until you reach the Hole-in-the-Rock Road (officially the Glen Canyon Recreation Area Road) and the “40 Mile Bench turnoff sign where the road carves a large U curve. This is about 5 miles southeast of the City of Escalante, your last stop for food and water.