Does iKon Bobby have a baby?

Congratulations are in order for iKON star Bobby! The singer shared some big news with all his fans, revealing that he is not only getting ready to take the plunge but is also gearing up to become a dad. The star revealed on Friday that he will be welcoming his first child with his girlfriend next month.

Is Bobby iKon fluent in English?

Bobby of K-pop boy group iKon wanted a career in the South Korean entertainment industry for one simple reason: to help his family who were struggling financially. His humble background and his fluency in Konglish – a mixture of English and Korean – has made Bobby something of a unique idol on the K-pop scene.

How old is Bobby from iKon?

25 years (December 21, 1995)

Where was iKon Bobby born?

Seoul, South Korea
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Is iKON Bobby a dad?

South Korean rapper Bobby of boy band iKon is now a father after his agency YG Entertainment confirmed on Monday that his fiancee has given birth to a baby boy. He followed it up with solo album Lucky Man in January this year (2021) and also released a single, Why Why Why, together with iKon in March.

Who is the most handsome in iKON?


  • B.I.
  • Donghyuk.
  • Yunhyung.
  • Jinhwan.
  • Bobby.
  • Chanwoo.
  • Who is the oldest in iKON?

    In terms of iKON members age, Chang is the youngest member of the group born in 1998 and is followed closely by the second last June of March 1997. The oldest member of the group is Jay 1994, followed by Song February 1995, Bobby December 1995, BI 1996, DK January 1997, and finally Chang 1998.

    Is iKON Bobby going to marry?

    K-pop band iKON’s star Bobby has announced that he is engaged to be married and will become a father soon. “I have promised marriage with a person I love. I am also becoming a father in September. I am happy to welcome a new family member, but I feel more apologetic to the fans who must be taken aback by my news.

    Who is the rapper Bobby from South Korea?

    In this Korean name, the family name is Kim. Kim Ji-won ( Korean : 김지원; born December 21, 1995), known by his stage name Bobby ( Korean : 바비) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and member of iKon under YG Entertainment. In 2016, he formed a sub-unit with Mino under the name MOBB.

    Who is Kim Ji-won from Show Me the money?

    In 2016, he formed a sub-unit with Mino under the name MOBB. He is best known for finishing in first place on Mnet’s Show Me The Money 3. Kim Ji-won was born on December 21, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea.

    Who is the rapper with Katie Kim and Bobby?

    His bandmate Donghyuk together with Katie Kim, featured in his song Secret, and label-mate Winner’s Mino featured in his song entitled Up. On November 29, he released the Japanese version of the album.

    What did Bobby do on Show Me the money?

    Throughout the show, Bobby released singles: “Go”, “L4L (Lookin’ for Luv)”, “YGGR#HipHop”, and “Guard Up and Bounce”. Following the shows end, Bobby participated in Mix & Match, where filming began in midst of appearance of Show Me The Money. The show resulted with the debut of Team B alongside trainee Jung Chan-woo under the name iKon.