Does it snow in April in Boston?

April snow is far from unusual, in fact Boston has had accumulating snowfall in April in 4 of the last 5 years and 6 of the last 10, including 0.7” on April 18th of last year (4.7” in Worcester).

Does it snow in April in Massachusetts?

Heavy snowfalls are rare but can occur. The heaviest snowfall during April in Boston was 22.4 inches (56.9 cm) which fell in 1997!

What is the weather like in New England in April?

When you arrive in New England in April, you can look forward to temperatures of up to 11°C during the day. It’s not great weather for the beach, but it’s perfect if you’ve planned a lot of hiking and sightseeing trips for your stay. Humidity levels are around 72% with cooling winds and speeds of up to 7mph.

How warm is Cape Cod in April?

According to averages, highs hang out around 52 degrees, while lows can drop down to 37 degrees. At the beginning of April, you can expect a climate similar to winter. Late April, however, could bring in warm spring weather.

Is April a good time to visit Boston?

The best time to visit Boston is from June to October. Mild fall weather makes touring around on foot a joy. If winter is too cold for you but summer and autumn’s hotel rates fall outside your budget, try visiting at the start of the spring season.

Does it rain in Boston in April?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during April in Boston is decreasing, starting the month at 3.9 inches, when it rarely exceeds 6.7 inches or falls below 1.5 inches, and ending the month at 3.3 inches, when it rarely exceeds 5.5 inches or falls below 1.4 inches.

How cold is it in April in Massachusetts?

In most years, Boston averages a daily maximum temperature for April that’s between 53 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 15 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 39 and 42 °F (4 to 6 °C). The days at Boston warm rapidly during April.

Is April a good time to visit Cape Cod?

The best time to visit Cape Cod is May, June, September or October. These shoulder months usher in pleasant temperatures for outdoor pursuits, fewer crowds than the busy summer season and reasonable room rates.

What is there to do in Cape Cod in April 2021?

Cape Cod Things to Do: The 25 Best Activities for 2021

  • Cape Cod Rail Trail.
  • Wellfleet Drive-In.
  • Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Sandwich Glass Museum.
  • Pilgrim Monument.
  • Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Edward Gorey’s House.
  • Heritage Museum & Gardens.

What is there to do in Boston in April?

Things to Do in Boston in April 2021

  • The Boston Marathon.
  • Patriot’s Day.
  • Enjoy the Outdoors.
  • The Boston Marathon.
  • Patriot’s Day Battle Reenactment on the Lexington Green.
  • Patriot’s Day Battle at Old North Bridge, Concord, MA.
  • April School Vacation Week.
  • Sheep Sheering Events.