Does Lisa Damour have kids?

She has been a fellow at Yale’s Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy and the University of Michigan’s Power Foundation. She and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters.

What is Lisa Damour known for?

Lisa Damour is the author of two New York Times best selling books, Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood and Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls.

Where is lisa Damour from?

Denver, Colorado
Born in Denver, Colorado, Damour was raised in Denver, London, and Chicago. She graduated from Denver’s Manual High School in 1988 before attending Yale University. After graduating with honors from Yale, Damour worked for the Yale Child Study Center.

Who is lisa d amour?

Lisa Damour is a psychologist, best-selling author, monthly New York Times columnist, podcaster, and regular contributor to CBS News. She blends years of experience with the latest research developments to provide sound, practical guidance to children and adolescents as well as their parents, teachers, and advocates.

What is the meaning of Jean d amour?

French (afɛr damur) nounWord forms: plural affaires d’amour (afɛr damur) a love affair. Collins English Dictionary.

What does affaire de coeur mean in English?

affair of the heart
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What is a Coeur?

Cœur is the French word for heart, and may refer to: Cœurs, a 2006 French film by Alain Resnais.

Which is the best book by Lisa Damour?

“Lisa Damour’s Untangled is the best description of the female adolescent journey that I have ever read. Empathic and wise, every page is filled with a deep understanding of girls and their parents. For years people have been asking me for the ‘girl equivalent of Raising Cain’ and I haven’t known exactly what to recommend.

How does Lisa Damour explain the development of girls?

In her New York Times best seller, Dr. Damour draws on decades of experience and the latest research to reveal the seven distinct—and absolutely normal—developmental transitions that turn girls into grown-ups, including Parting with Childhood, Contending with Adult Authority, Entering the Romantic World, and Caring for Herself.

Who are the hosts of Lisa Damour’s podcast?

Raising kids can be a bumpy, stressful, and uncertain process – which is why Lisa’s podcast brings her sane, informed, and practical perspective to your timely and timeless parenting questions. Cohost Reena Ninan, a world-class journalist who has covered the White House while packing a breast pump, makes sure to get you the answers you need.

What does Lisa Damour say about stress and anxiety?

Damour explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress and anxiety, and offers a detailed, comprehensive look at how to help our daughters manage the tension that occurs naturally and also manage toxic stress and anxiety. This brilliant book is a must-read.”