Does season 2 of Attack on Titan follow the manga?

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Will Not Strictly Follow The Manga; Disappoints Fans. If the original manga series is going to be followed, the show will no longer have the anticipation of what is going to happen since it has already been presented during the manga series.

Where does Season 2 of AoT start in the manga?

Chapter 51 (volume 13) in manga is the last episode for season 2 anime. You can start reading from chapter 52.

What chapters does AoT Season 2 cover?

It covers the “Clash of the Titans” arc (chapters 35–50) from the original manga by Hajime Isayama.

Why was AoT Season 2 so short?

So, Why Is Attack on Titan Season 2 Only 12 Episodes? In response to the fan outcry, French anime artist Thomas Romain (Code Lyoko) jumped into the fray to defend Attack on Titan makers, Wit Studio. Romain cited issues related to staffing and overproduction in the Japanese animation market.

Is AOT going to have a happy ending?

Hajime Isayama himself has said that there won’t be a happy ending, however he could have just said that to put us fans on edge (and it seems to be working with some fans) authors have been known to pull the wool over eyes of fans.

Why AOT ending is bad?

The finale rubbed some the wrong way, whether it was because of the clumsy political implications, the unanswered questions, or unsatisfactory character arcs. While not the worst conclusion ever, Attack On Titan’s ending will surely inspire debates for years on end, but not for the expected reasons.

When will attack on Titans season 2 come out?

After four long years of waiting, season 2 of Attack on Titan will be premiering on April 1, 2017. The titans are back and it seems that Eren and the gang are in for even more trouble.

How do you watch attack on Titan?

Currently, Attack on Titan has aired its first episode of Season Three. You can watch the anime on Hulu and Crunchyroll just hours after new episodes screen in Japan. If you use Hulu, you will need a paid account to avoid an commercials. You can watch Attack on Titan with a free profile, but those screenings with have designated commercial breaks.

Is there an attack on Titan Season 2?

Attack on Titan season 2 premiered on April 1, 2017 and ended its run on June 21, 2017. Unlike Attack on Titan season 1 which has 24 episodes, Season 2 just has 12 episodes and each episode is 24 minutes long.

What episode is attack on Titan?

Perfect Game ( 完全試合 パーフェクトゲーム Pāfekuto Gēmu?) is the 16th episode of the 3rd season and the 53rd episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G .