Does Strom Thurmond Lake have alligators?

“We’ve seen alligators on very rare occasions in the Southern part of the reservoir. “Phinizy Swamp in Augusta is a natural habitat for them, as well as a research area, and it wouldn’t be out of reason for one of them to wander toward Thurmond Lake,” Birdwell said.

Where is Lake Strom Thurmond?

South Carolina
Lake J. Strom Thurmond is located on the board of South Carolina and Georgia on the Savannah River. This 71,100 acre reservoir is owned and contructed by US Army Corps of Engineers.

How long is Strom Thurmond Lake?

1,200 miles
The lake encompasses 1,200 miles of shoreline, 70,000 acres of water and 80,000 acres of land. The Corps operates 10 Class A campgrounds, five major day use areas and many other recreational facilities.

What is the water level at lake Thurmond?

Lake Strom Thurmond – Lake Clarks Hill’s water level is -330.00 feet below full pool of 330.00 Datum, feet.

Is lake Thurmond safe to swim in?

Thurmond Lake remains open and safe after sewage spill; only small area impacted. SAVANNAH, Ga. Some of the beaches are on the Georgia side of the reservoir which is not impacted by the spill. Corps-operated swim beaches on the South Carolina side of the reservoir are miles away from spill.

Can you swim in lake Thurmond?

The 70,000 acre lake and its 1,000+ miles of shoreline provide excellent boating, water skiing, swimming, fishing, hiking and picnicking opportunities. Amenities include flush and vault toilets, drinking water, a beach, boat ramp and dock.

Is lake Thurmond a clean lake?

Thurmond Lake remains open and safe after sewage spill; only small area impacted. SAVANNAH, Ga. – Swim beaches, boat ramps, campgrounds and other recreation areas at Thurmond Lake remain open and safe today after a sewage spill in McCormick County contaminated a small area of water and shoreline Monday.

Is there a town under lake Thurmond?

Petersburg, Georgia is now an underwater ghost town after the Army Corps of Engineers flooded more than 72,000 acres to build what is today called Thurmond Lake. The town itself contained around 10 stores in total, with the usual grog shops and even a billiard-table.

Is there a town under Lake Thurmond?

Is Lake Thurmond a clean lake?

Is Clarks Hill Lake man-made?

Clark Hill Dam and Lake (Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Clark Hill Dam and Lake, now J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake, is a man-made lake bordering Georgia and South Carolina. At full pool elevation, the lake comprises nearly 71,100 acres of water and 1,200 miles of shoreline.

Is Lake Thurmond clean?