How are you supposed to wear a Claddagh ring?

Claddagh rings worn on the left hand with the heart facing inward mean that the wearer is married. When worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, the Claddagh ring indicates that the person’s heart is still open. Wear your ring in this position if you are single.

Is it bad luck to buy yourself a Claddagh ring?

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself a Claddagh? Not at all! Many choose to purchase a Claddagh for themselves on a visit to Ireland. And some choose to purchase one in the hope to someday travel.

How does a woman wear a Claddagh ring?

It’s official! You should wear your Claddagh ring on your wedding ring finger on your left hand with the heart pointing out.

What does a Claddagh ring represent?

Irish Claddagh Ring Meaning The classic Claddagh design includes two hands clasped around a heart topped with a crown. Each of these elements has its own meaning: the hands represent friendship, the heart symbolizes true love, and the crown is for loyalty.

Can anyone wear a Claddagh ring?

Right hand: A Claddagh ring on the right hand is generally reserved for people who are not engaged or married. If you are single and open to the idea of a relationship, wear a Claddagh ring on your ring finger with the heart pointing outward. The message is clear: Your heart is open to love.

Can you wear a Claddagh ring if you’re not Irish?

Yes you can absolutely wear a Claddagh Ring if you are not Irish. The Claddagh Ring has become known a token of love around the world worn by Irish and those of non-Irish heritage.

What is the Claddagh ring meaning?

The Claddagh ring (Irish: fáinne Chladaigh) is a traditional Irish ring. The Claddagh ring means eternal love, loyalty, and friendship.

Can a claddagh ring be used as a Purity Ring?

So, a claddagh ring can be worn for purity , so that whenever the wearer feels inclined towards a sexual activity, the ring interferes and reminds him or her of the promise he or she made to himself. So, here at, we will tell you how to wear a Claddagh ring for purity.

Where can you get Claddagh ring?

Claddagh Rings and Claddagh Wedding Rings made in Dublin, IRELAND and hallmarked in the Assay Office located in Dublin Castle. is located in Fort Collins COLORADO, USA. All of our Claddagh Rings ship directly from COLORADO.

Where does the Claddagh ring come from?

Claddagh rings come from what was once the fishing village of Claddagh in Ireland. The region which was once the village is now a part of the city center of Galway City. Claddagh rings originate from some time during the 17th century, though their exact origins are only speculated upon.