How big is a 31 gallon trash can?

20 x 20 x 27 inches
Behrens Galvanized Steel Trash Can, 31-Gallon

Color Steel
Capacity 31 Gallons
Material Alloy Steel
Finish Type Brushed
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 20 x 27 inches

How many gallons is a regular metal garbage can?

31 Gal. Galvanized Steel Round Trash Can with Lid.

Do metal garbage cans rust?

Nobody likes a stinky, slimy, sticky trash can, especially one that’s supposed to be sleek and shiny. One of the reasons stainless steel is a common material for multiple uses and settings is because it resists rust and corrosion.

How big is a metal trash can?


Description Capacity Dimensions
10 Gallon Galvanized Trash Can With Lid 10 gal. 16″ dia x 18.75″ high
20 Gallon Galvanized Trash Can With Lid 20 gallon 17.5″ dia x 25.25″ high
24 Gallon Galvanized Trash Can With Lid 24 gallon 19.5″ dia x 25″ high
32 Gallon Galvanized Trash Can With Lid 32 gallon 21.25″ dia x 27.5″ high

How many pounds can a 32-gallon trash can hold?

BRUTE Waste Containers

Name Height Weight
10-Gallon Trash Can 17-1/8 in. 19 lb
20-Gallon Trash Can 22 7/8 in 20 gal
32-Gallon Trash Can with Lid 27-1/4 in. 20 lb
44-Gallon Trash Can 31-1/2 in. 24 lb

Can metal trash cans hold water?

Problem with most trash cans is they are not meant to hold water so they will distort crazy like and become unstable, so it becomes a bit hard to fill them more then 50% up.

How many pounds does a 10 gallon container hold?

The 4 gallon container can hold approximately 16 pounds of food, the 6 gallon container can hold approximately 24 pounds of food and the 10 gallon container can hold approximately 40 pounds of food. 11.

How liters are in a gallon?

There are three different sizes of gallons used today. The imperial gallon is 4.54 liters and common in the Commonwealth states and some Caribbean nations. The US gallon is about 3.785 liters and common in the United States and Latin America. The U.S dry gallon is about 4.405 Litres or 1⁄8 US bushel.

How do I get maggots out of my garbage can?

If the maggots are showing up in your trash can, clean it out! Scour with warm water and soap, and then coat the interior of the can with baking soda. That will eliminate odors and also keep the maggots from returning.

How do I keep my outdoor garbage can from smelling?

It’s simple: add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the can in the morning. By the evening when the trash is ready to be taken outside, no odors will be evident. When it’s time to clean out the trash cans themselves, leave 1 cup of baking soda in the bottom of the can after they have been washed and dried.

What size trash bag fits a 32 gallon trash can?

Bag Size Reference Chart:

Wheeled Trash Can Size Bag Dimension Bag Size
24 Gallon 40″W x 46″H 40-45 Gallon
32 Gallon 40″W x 50″H 55 Gallon
35 Gallon 40″W x 50″H 55 Gallon
45 Gallon 50″W x 48″H 65 Gallon

What size is a 13 gallon trash can?

Best of all, each garbage can measures 14.9 x 17.2 x 25.5 inches and holds over 13 gallons of trash, so you don’t have to empty it as frequently.

Is the Behrens 31 gallon trash can curbside?

Curbside pickup available. The Behrens 31 Gallon Galvanized Steel Round Trash Can provides reliable garbage disposal in any space. Ideal for trash, yard waste, birdseed and pet food storage, this unique design is rodent proof, weather-resistant and won’t absorb odors for a more cleanly environment.

Where are Behrens galvanized steel trash cans made?

Each galvanized steel trash can is double seamed, with deep side swedging for superior structure and extra rigidity. Quality Metalware produced only by Behrens Mfg in Winona, Minnesota

What kind of trash can is 31 gallon?

31-Gallon Galvanized Steel Trash Can – Trash can with lid – Galvanized Trash can with lid – Metal Trash can – Outdoor Garbage can with lid -Steel, Gray – Pre-Galvanized Trash Can with Lid Round. These Metalware Classics, heavy-duty garbage/utility cans are Made in the USA by Behrens Manufacturing.

What kind of steel is a Behrens 1270 trash can made of?

The Behrens 1270 31-Gallon Galvanized Steel Utility/Trash Can is made of the highest quality galvanized steel. This trash can is ideal for dry storage for trash, yard waste, pet and livestock feed. It is rodent proof and won’t absorb odors. Plus, this utility bin is fully recyclable and made with no oil.