How can I get unlimited data on MTN Ghana?

In the weekly package, how to get unlimited data plan on MTN is simple. You only need to subscribe and activate by texting *138*1# and choosing the weekly data plan of your choice. Unlimited data plan of 60 MB at a cost of 2 GHc, 180 MB at a cost of 3 GHc and unlimited data plan of 300 MB at a cost of 5 GHc.

How can I get MTN 120GB free?

Just dial 1314# to check your data balance, and you’ll find 122,880MB active and waiting for you! How sweet! Now, you can browse away for free with 120GB free data!

How can I get free credit on MTN?

You can use the code *482# to access the free credit or data bundles depending on what your preference is.

How much is MTN 4G MiFi in Ghana?

The MiFi with New SIM is sold for N12, 000 only at every MTN store nationwide.

What is the code for MTN free after 1?

Yes free data to browse only on Facebook after your 1st call on MTN Free after 1. Dial *315# to subscribe to MTN FA1 and enjoy unlimited talk time.

What is the code for MTN Just4u?

Enjoy offers that suit your usage from MTN Just4u. Get rewarded with free data and other bonuses according to how much you use MTN’s services. Dial *515# to check your unique offer.

How do I do MTN pay me in Ghana?

MTN pay for me code To borrow credit using MTN Ghana shortcode, just dial *506#. For cases where the customer does not want to pay for the call they make, there is the “pay for me” option. In this option, a customer makes a call, but the call’s recipient is liable for the call charges.

Is MiFi better than WIFI?

Compared to mobile or cellular network, using MiFi to connect to the web on your smartphone actually allows for longer battery life. This is because WiFi isn’t as power-hungry as cellular radios; using MiFi will draw much less power from your smartphone than a MiFi will.