How can I upload my song for free?

Where Can I Upload My Song for Free Download?

  1. Free music distribution and free music promotion sites. Free streaming has become a very popular way to listen to and discover new music.
  2. Soundcloud.
  3. Jamendo.
  4. YouTube.
  5. Google Play.
  6. Bandcamp.
  7. Soundclick.
  8. Free Music Archive.

How do you use Freshtune?

Upload your album Write the name of artist, album name, genre, choose online platforms and countries where you want to sell your album. That’s it! FreshTunes deals with every major digital music store in the world; you can be sure your album will reach the people who want to hear it.

How can I upload my song?

We take a look to help you hit the right note.

  1. Start your music promotion with a website.
  2. Get discovered on Spotify.
  3. Post your tracks on Reddit Music.
  4. Try music-related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Upload your videos on YouTube.
  6. Spike on
  7. Create buzz on TikTok.
  8. Share your music on Soundcloud.

Is Songtradr any good?

Songtradr offers really great services in the sync licensing sector, which is why I think it may be worth a shot. It is also cheap and easy to use making it a very good option for both buyers, musicians, and producers.

How do I withdraw money from Freshtune?

You can withdraw the earned revenue in any amounts divisible by 25 USD (for example, 25, 50, 75 USD, etc). Amounts available for withdrawal are shown in your account on Balance page. You can withdraw money to your bank card, Payoneer or WeBmoney account.

How do I get paid for my music?

6 Ways to Get Paid For Your Music

  1. Join a Collection Society. Every time you hear music in a lift the artist who made it is getting paid.
  2. Syncs / Placements.
  3. Invest in Yourself.
  4. Use YouTube Content ID.
  5. Create Merchandise.
  6. Fandom.

How do you get paid on Songtradr?

Any revenue earned through Songtradr is deposited directly into your Songtradr Account. You can withdraw from this account at any time via PayPal, provided you have a minimum balance of USD$10.00. Note: All licenses are transacted in US dollars and are paid in US dollars.

Is Songtradr royalty free?

No, we are not a Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O.), therefore we do not collect performance royalties. This is a job for your P.R.O.

How do I get my music noticed online?

Note: This article contains affiliate links where the author may receive a commission.

  1. Promote your email list.
  2. Send your music to a radio station.
  3. Reach out to a music blog for a review.
  4. Post on social media.
  5. Comment on something that interest you.
  6. Write a blog post.
  7. Reach out to a playlist curator.
  8. Look at your analytics.

Which is the best site to upload music videos?

We’ve already established that YouTube is the major player in the world of music videos. Vimeo, however, is a runner-up and has its own specialties for artists who shoot a variety of visual content.

Which is the best free music sharing site?

Audiomack is a music streaming platform that allows users to stream, explore and download music for free. For artists, they can upload their music unlimitedly. Like other music sharing sites, Audiomack features advanced stats which can help artists get an overview of their music performance.

Do you upload your music videos on YouTube?

If you’re a rising artist, you should be putting quality time and effort into the creation of professionally crafted music videos. And when it comes time to share your visuals with the world, you upload them on YouTube.

What happens when you upload a song to SoundCloud?

Once uploaded your song will be generally available online and will have unique share and embed urls. We don’t have a blanket approval process, so as long as your submission is complete it will become live on the site. Every submission gets a unique listen URL.