How difficult is the Hollyford Track?

How difficult is the walk, and am I fit enough? The Hollyford Wilderness Experience is a well-formed valley walk suitable for most ages (10+) and abilities. However, the days are long, Day Two can be quite tiring as you walk 19.5km in approximately 7 hours and you are required to carry your full pack.

Is Hollyford Track a Great walk?

The Hollyford Track is a great tramping adventure for those who like to be a little off the beaten track, but still, have a good track and huts to stay in.

Which is better routeburn or Milford Track?

The Milford Track is 53.5km / 33.2mi. Routeburn is 32km / 19.8mi. Though it’s a shorter trek, the Routeburn is slightly harder with moderate-steep ascents and descents.

Is Kepler harder than Milford?

The Kepler is steeper and has a higher climb and descent compared to the Milford and Fiordland Tracks.

Where does the Routeburn track start?

Routeburn Shelter
The track begins at Routeburn Shelter, gently winding alongside the crystal-clear Route Burn (river). After passing Sugarloaf Stream, you’ll climb to Bridal Veil Waterfall and continue above the gorge. A swing bridge leads to open grassed flats, and the Routeburn Flats Hut and Campsite.

How do I get to Hollyford Track?

Getting there The Hollyford Track begins at the end of Lower Hollyford Road, which turns off SH94 Milford Road shortly after The Divide. The turn off point is called Marian Corner, and is about 87 km along the Milford Road from Te Anau. Allow 2 hours to drive from Te Anau to the end of the Hollyford Road.

Is the Milford Track worth it?

When you finish Milford Track and return to Te Anau or Queenstown, it is still worth it to travel back at least for a day to enjoy one of the most photogenic places in New Zealand either from the shore (you can see Mitre Peak even without taking boat), from the air, or the most popular option is to explore Milford …

How much does it cost to walk the Milford Track?

Outside 90 days from the date of walk departure: NZ$100 per person; Between 89-60 days from the date of walk departure: NZ$200 per person; Between 59-21 days from the date of walk departure: 50% of full fare; or. Within 21 days of the date of walk departure: 100% of full fare.

How many kms is the Milford Track?

53.5 km
TRACK LOGISTICS DISTANCE: 53.5 km one way (transport required). DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights (required) – the first day is really short and you can start in the afternoon. START: Glade Wharf, Lake Te Anau via water taxi from Te Anau Downs (27km from Te Anau). FINISH: Milford Sound via water taxi from Sandfly Point.

Is there cell phone coverage on the Routeburn Track?

Routeburn Track – There is no mobile phone coverage at either The Divide (coverage is generally is lost just outside of Te Anau heading to Milford) or the Routeburn Shelter.

Can you walk the Routeburn in one day?

Therefore, a Routeburn Track day hike is the perfect way to still experience this world-class trail. From Queenstown, Glenorchy, Te Anau or Milford Sound you can access the trail, hike some pretty spectacular parts, and return all in one day.

Can you walk the Milford Track without a guide?

Independent (or ‘freedom’) walkers will hike the Milford Track without a guide and will need to book well in advance, prepare adequately and carry their own gear for the duration of the hike.

Is the Hollyford track closed to the public?

The Hollyford Track is currently closed due to the February 2020 Fiordland flooding event. The Hollyford Track may not be as well known as its Fiordland neighbour the Milford Track, but it offers an unmatched diversity of scenery and rewards the smaller number of people who walk it handsomely.

How much does it cost to stay on Milford Track?

3 nights accommodation on track + 1 night at Milford Sound in our private lodges. All meals and snacks on track. A 40ltr backpack – that will contain your belongings and you will carry with you. A scenic cruise on the majestic Milford Sound. Al l in the company of experienced guides.

Where is the lodge on the Milford Track?

Walking 1.6km up the track you emerge into the Glade where our lodge sits beside the Clinton River. After refreshments a guide will take you on a short nature walk up the Glade Burn to familiarise yourself with the terrain before settling into the lodge for drinks, snacks, and dinner followed by a short briefing on the day ahead.

Which is the steepest part of the Milford Track?

The descent into the Arthur Valley to Quintin Lodge is steep and rocky so again take your time. Once there, drop your bags, and have a snack because you can’t miss taking the optional round trip to the Sutherland Falls, the world’s fifth highest waterfall.