How do I access 13F?

Section 13(f) securities can be found on the Official List of Section 13(f) Securities. The Official List is published quarterly and is available for free on the SEC’s website. It is not available in paper copy format or on computer disk. You can search for and retrieve Form 13F filings using the SEC’s EDGAR database.

Who is required to file 13F?

institutional investment managers
The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Form 13F is a quarterly report that is required to be filed by all institutional investment managers with at least $100 million in assets under management. It discloses their equity holdings and can provide insights into what the smart money is doing in the market.

How often does Form 13F need to be filed?

3. Filing of Form 13F. A Manager must file a Form 13F report with the Commission within 45 days after the end of each calendar year and each of the first three calendar quarters of each calendar year.

How do I find a company’s 10 K report?

To find a particular company’s Form 10-K filings, use the Company Search for the SEC’s EDGAR database. On the returned listing of filings for the company, enter “10-K” in the Filing Type box near the top of the page to filter for only Forms 10-K that have been filed.

Do family offices file 13F?

Unlike the Advisers Act, Section 13(f) does not exempt family offices: with the result that a family office, even if it is exempt from registration under the Advisers Act, may nevertheless be an “institutional investment manager” for purposes of Section 13(f) and, therefore, be required to comply with the Form 13F …

Do hedge funds have to file 13F?

Institutional investment managers, such as Hedge Funds, are required to file a Form 13-F that discloses the hedge fund’s holding in certain securities. Therefore, most investment managers will wait until the last date to file this form and make their holdings public. …

What triggers a 13F filing?

The requirement to file Form 13F is triggered if the investment manager exceeded $100 million or more on the last trading day of any month during that calendar year. As such, investment managers should have reporting to identify if they are meeting or exceeding these thresholds.

Where can I find free online business information?


  1. Bloomberg free company search provides company data from the famous financial information provider.
  2. CNBC company search provides corporate profiles put together by the North American news company.

Is Mergent Online Free?

Mergent Online is a financial industry tool available to SNHU students for free.

Do 13F filings show short positions?

Short positions are not disclosed in 13F filings and therefore the surface details of an investment disclosure on a 13F can be misleading. Only the long shares, however, appear in the 13F, thus leading the public to think that investor is long the stock.

Is a 10 Q audited?

SEC Form 10-Q is a comprehensive report of financial performance submitted quarterly by all public companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Form 10-Q is not an audited statement, unlike the annual Form 10-K companies are also required to file.

How do I find information on a company?

How do I find information on a company?

  1. Company Websites. Almost all the companies upload the press releases, advisories, reports (audits, annual reports, etc.), financial documents along with some other publications on the website.
  2. Directories and Yellow Pages.
  3. Local Economic and Business Journals/Magazines/Newspapers.

What are the different types of Form 13F?

Form types 13F-HR and 13F-NT are EDGAR submission types. You should use them as follows to designate the type of Form 13F that you are filing: Form 13F-E pre-dates the mandatory EDGAR filing of Form 13F. Form 13F-E became obsolete as of April 1, 1999 and cannot be used for Form 13F filings after that date.

When is the deadline to file Form 13F?

When the filing deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, then your filing is due on the first business day thereafter. See Rule 0-3(a) under the Securities Exchange Act. Under Rule 13f-1(a)(1), for example, the deadline for the June 30, 2022 Form 13F report will be no later than August 14, 2022, a Sunday.

Where to find Form 13F in Edgar submission?

A: For a new filer, the best way is to include a notification tag in your EDGAR submission header. If you do so, then the Form 13F file number will be on your EDGAR acceptance message.

When was Form 13F created for institutional investors?

Form 13F is the reporting form filed by institutional investment managers pursuant to Section 13(f) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Congress passed Section 13(f) of the Securities Exchange Act in 1975 in order to increase the public availability of information regarding the securities holdings of institutional investors.