How do I check my VSS service status?

To check the VSS provider/writer status.

  1. Open a command window.
  2. At the command prompt, type vssadmin list providers, and then press ENTER.
  3. Confirm that Microsoft VSS provider is listed as:
  4. Type vssadmin list writers at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.
  5. Confirm that all the VSS writers are showing:

How do I reset VSS?

Find the failed VSS writers and their associated services, and restart them:

  1. Click the Start button then type CMD.
  2. Type vssadmin list writers to find each of the VSS writers in a failed state.
  3. Restart the service to clear the failed state.
  4. Make a list or take a screenshot of all failed VSS writers.

How do you fix VSS?

Repairing VSS Writers

  1. On the target machine, open an elevated command prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Run the command vssadmin list writers , and make a note of any writers in a Failed state.
  3. Open services.
  4. Open task manager and hard kill the processes for the related failed VSS writers.
  5. Return to services.

What is VSS process?

The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which was introduced in Windows Server® 2003, facilitates the conversation between these components to allow them to work better together. When all the components support VSS, you can use them to back up your application data without taking the applications offline.

Is VSS enabled by default?

VSS is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows backup applications to safely back up locked and open files. Microsoft Volume Shadow Service must be enabled in the OS (it is enabled by default)

Where are VSS snapshots stored?

By default the Volume Snapshot is stored on the volume where the VSS snap takes place.

Can I restart VSS service?

Find the VSS writer’s associated Service Display Name in the table below and restart the service. Issue the command again to confirm the status has changed Stable with no Error – vssadmin list writers. Attempt to perform another snapshot. If the VSS writers fail again, it will be necessary to restart the server.

Why do VSS writers fail?

Problems with disk storage (such as full disks, failing disks, damaged RAID arrays, and the use of 4k drives on older systems) are particularly likely to cause VSS failures. However, hardware issues of any type can potentially impact the ability of the system to take snapshots using the VSS Writers.

Why does VSS service stop?

Virtual Disk Service is stuck in a “Stopping” state, the process may need to be manually stopped and restarted. and also restart the affected service, for example, the Hyper-V VSS writer. The most important thing to do is to check the Event Viewer for any additional error information logged.

Is VSS needed?

You need VSS writers for applications that perform large amounts of IO and depend heavily on the state of the files they are writing if you wish to back them up. Virtual machine disk images are a perfect candidate for this — the running image could easily become inconsistent.

Is VSS necessary?

Why Your Business Needs VSS The data usually needs to be backed up while the applications are still running, meaning some of the data files might be open or they might be in an “inconsistent state.” Also, if the data set is too large, it can be difficult to back up all of it at once.

Is it safe to delete shadow copies?

Type “vssadmin list shadows” in command prompt and you will see the number of shadow copies there are (windows restore backups… so don’t delete the ones you want to keep). It is safe to delete all unless you want to do a windows restore.

Why does VSS Say ” Waiting for completion “?

It runs windows backups of system state & disks overnight. It also hosts a CrashPlan instance that backs up the files on the data disk. The system state backup hangs, and running ‘vssadmin list writers’ lists a number of writers, all of which list ‘no error’ but a number of which are in state ‘ [5] Waiting for completion’.

What does waiting for completion do to writers?

Backup of C drives, System state are failing. does “Waiting for completion” state of writers effect the backups? Except reboot, what can be done to fix it. Solved! Go to Solution.

How to check the status of VSS system writer?

Check the status of VSS system writer and backup again. Press “Win+R” and type “cmd” in the Run window, then type ” vssadmin list writers ” to check the status of system writer. If the system writer status is marked as “Stable”, try to backup again.

What to do when VSS service is not started?

I suggest we try the steps below to narrow down the cause: 1. Open elevated CMD, run “net stop vss && net start vss”, press Enter. If there is prompt that VSS service is not started, try “net start vss && net stop vss” press Enter.