How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Land Rover Discovery 3?

How to Pair Your Phone to Land Rover Bluetooth

  1. Check your phone’s Settings to ensure Bluetooth is activated.
  2. On the right-hand side of your InControl Touch Pro display, select “Tap to connect phone.” This makes your Land Rover discoverable.
  3. On your mobile device, select your Land Rover from the Bluetooth devices menu.

How do I pair my phone to my LR3?

If your LR3 is equipped with the bluetooth hands free system, all you need to do is to enable bluetooth on your mobile phone, you should see LandRover show up in the bluetooth discovery list. Depending on your model of phone, you should be able to tell your phone to ‘pair’ up with the LR3.

What are the problems with Discovery 3?

Common Discovery 3 Problems

  • Suspension bushes need replacement after 100-150K Miles.
  • Front lower control arms.
  • Front wheel bearings.
  • Tie rod ends worn.
  • Ball joints and toe links worn.
  • Brake pads.
  • Coolant adaptor.
  • Air Suspension Leaks.

Where is the AUX input in a Discovery 3?

In the back of the center console underneath the rear climate control buttons. Press the little silver rectangle and a panel will lift up showing you the AUX input jack and an extra power port.

How do you reset a Discovery 3?

In brief, to start the hard reset process, open the hood but close all doors and let your 3 go to sleep – no radio display etc and no key in the ignition. This will take a couple of minutes and do not open any doors until the reset is completed.

Can you watch TV in a Land Rover Discovery?

The Digital TV feature allows you to enjoy your favourite TV shows; these can be watched on the Touchscreen in the front cabin and the Rear Seat Entertainment screens.

Where is the aux in a Discovery 3?

Hi Gus, check in the 2nd row seats right behind the centre cubby box, there should be a flap that you open and it should be there together with a aux socket.

Does 2006 Land Rover have Bluetooth?

On paper, our 2006 Range Rover Sport seemed to have an admirable armory of cabin luxury and technology: cherry-wood accents, voice-enabled GPS satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone integration, a 550-watt Harman Kardon stereo with optional satellite radio, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system.

Which Land Rover Discovery is the most reliable?

The good news is that the series II Discovery is much more reliable than most other Land Rovers.

Is a Discovery 3 reliable?

The Discovery 3 was a revolutionary vehicle in Land Rover’s history. Early examples are now temptingly cheap – but frighteningly expensive to maintain. This teetotal vehicle is secure and reliable, and also about as entertaining as a cowpat.

Where are the Bluetooth modules on the LR3?

Some files relate to the Rosen display, others to the infotainment and navigation systems, and a few on the Bluetooth 0000 and 2121 alternatives, plus the fibre optics connecting all together. You must log in or register to reply here.

How do you pair a blue tooth to a Landrover?

If you go to you can find a blue tooth section, ent the last 6 of your chassis, find the phone on the list and it will tell you what functions will work with your phone. To pair, basicly press the phone symbol on the headunit (not needed I dont think but I always do) then on the phone search for devices.

Where to find blue tooth D3 pairing code?

D3 pairing code will be 2121. If you go to you can find a blue tooth section, ent the last 6 of your chassis, find the phone on the list and it will tell you what functions will work with your phone.