How do I get Mr Freeze stolen equipment?

Freeze’s stolen goods are actually located in the Boiler Room within the Steel Mill. Back in the area where you fought Mr. Hammer, look for some blast doors that can be opened with the Remote Electrical Charge. Head through, hacking open the door and activating the elevator to get it out of the way.

How do you get into the steel mill in Batman Arkham City?

In order to reach the Sionis Steel Mill you of course need to head to the industrial district in the south-east part of Arkham City. DO NOT use the main road, as there are two snipers on the drawbridge #1.

Where is the Iceberg Lounge?

Batman: Arkham City The Iceberg Lounge in Arkham City. In Batman: Arkham City, the Iceberg Lounge was The Penguin’s base within The Cyrus Pinkney Institute of Natural History. Solomon Grundy was kept underneath it.

Who plays Batman in Arkham City?

The game’s leading characters are predominantly voiced by actors from the DC Animated Universe, with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively.

How do I get into the steel mill again?

You don’t have to fight Freeze to get back in just for the Titan container. There is a back door on the South side of the building, just to the left of that part of the building that juts out on the map. Detective vision should help you find it. Just inside that door you’ll find the Titan container.

How do you break into Joker’s office in the loading bay?

Approach the generator found in the middle part of the room #1 and equip the Remote Electric Charge. Choose the negative charge (RB) #2 and note that it sets the big hook into motion. Keep on sending charges to give the hook momentum, causing it to hit the door leading into Joker’s office #1.

Where is the Iceberg Lounge in Arkham City?

Cyrus Pinkney Institute of Natural History
In Batman: Arkham City, the Iceberg Lounge was The Penguin’s base within The Cyrus Pinkney Institute of Natural History. Solomon Grundy was kept underneath it.

Where is Mr Freeze suit in the museum?

Freeze’s suit can be found inside the Armory which you have already visited just a while ago. Take the route back to the Torture Chamber and note that a major part of the ice has already melted by now #1.

Where is Mr Freeze in Arkham City?

Mr. Freeze is located somewhere in the sprawling metropolis of Arkham City, but locating him is made easier by the Climate Analyzer.

Where is the steel mill in Arkham City?

The Steel Mill is a factory that was tied to Arkham City by Hugo Strange, and was a part of the Industrial District. During Batman: Arkham City, Joker used the Steel Mill as his main base of operations. Before the Incident on Christmas Eve, Black Mask used the Steel Mill as a front for his drug lab that was hidden in the basement.

How does Batman get to the steel mill?

When Batman travelled to the Church to investigate a shot intended for Catwoman, he finds that it was remotely fired by Joker and follows the gun’s signal back to the steel mill. When he gets there he finds it and the surrounding Industrial District is swarming with Joker’s Henchmen. Batman enters the steel mill via one of its chimney’s.

What did Harley Quinn use the steel mill for?

Harley Quinn used the steel mill as a hideout two weeks after Arkham City shutdown. The GCPD sent Batman in to smoke her out, but he disappeared for two days. Robin later went to find out what happened to the Dark Knight.