How do I get my iPhone and iPad to sync together?

Open the Settings app on one device, tap your name to open the Apple ID screen, then select iCloud. Turn on the toggle switches next to every category of app and content that you want to sync between the iPhone and iPad. Repeat this process with the second device.

How do I transfer photos from iPhone 4 to iPad 2?

Open the Photos application on your iPhone. Tap on the Select button at the upper right corner to choose the images you want to transfer to your iPad. Now, you have to hit the Share option and choose AirDrop to transfer. Your iPhone will show the iPad as the option, so just tap on it.

How do I sync my iPhone 4?

How to Sync Your iPhone 4S with Your Computer

  1. Start by connecting your iPhone to your computer with the dock connector–to–USB cable included with your iPhone.
  2. Select your iPhone in the iTunes source list.
  3. Name your iPhone.
  4. Choose what, if anything, you want iTunes to automatically synchronize, and then click Done.

How do I sync my Apple devices?

Sync your content using Wi-Fi

  1. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable, then open iTunes and select your device. Learn what to do if your device doesn’t appear on your computer.
  2. Click Summary on the left side of the iTunes window.
  3. Select “Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi.”
  4. Click Apply.

How can I mirror my iPhone to my iPad?

Mirroring iPhone to iPad with Airplay is a simple process. Simply connect your iPhone and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network and then swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s and iPad’s screen so as to open the Control panel. Tap on Airplay and then tap on the iOS devices you want to connect to from the Airplay list.

Does iPad 2 have AirDrop?

Answer: A: It’s not supported on the 2.

How do I connect my iPhone 4 to my WIFI?

Select Settings

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. Set Wi-Fi to ON. Select the wireless network you want to connect to.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password and select Join. Wi-Fi Password.
  5. You are now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How do I sync my iPhone 4 to iTunes?


  1. Whenever the computer and the iOS device are on the same network, the iOS device will appear in iTunes, and you can sync it.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. To set up Wi-Fi syncing, connect your iOS device to your computer with the included USB cable.
  4. In the Summary tab, select “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi”.

How do I sync my devices?

Manually sync your Google Account

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Accounts. If you don’t see “Accounts,” tap Users & accounts.
  3. If you have more than one account on your phone, tap the one you want to sync.
  4. Tap Account sync.
  5. Tap More. Sync now.

How do I sync my iPhone to my iPad wirelessly?

To start as you know, launch iTunes, and plug in your devices. When the Device icon appears, click on it. Go to the ‘Options’ menu. Click on the checkbox next to ‘Sync with this (iPhone or iPad) over Wi-Fi.

How do you pair an iPhone with an iPad?

Step-By-Step Guide to Pair iPhone to iPad via Bluetooth. Step 1. Ensure that Bluetooth on the iPhone is turned on. To do this Open settings and then tap Bluetooth. Turn the slider to “ON” if it is not turned on. Step 2. Do the dame for the iPad and ensure that you set the iPad to be discoverable.

How do you connect an iPhone to an iPad?

Open Settings on your iPad. Tap Wi-Fi. Tap the name of your iPhone when it appears under the Personal Hotspots label. Your iPad will now connect to your iPhone to use its cellular connection.

How do I Sync my iPhone to my iPad?

You can sync your iPhone with your iPad at any time using iTunes on your computer. Steps. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Launch iTunes, or wait for iTunes to launch automatically upon recognizing your iPhone. Click on the name of your iPhone after it displays in the left sidebar of iTunes.