How do I identify Syracuse china patterns?

How to Identify Syracuse China Patterns

  1. Visit a library or bookstore. Collectors’ guides will help you familiarize yourself with various Syracuse china patterns.
  2. Look for online guides.
  3. Hunt in antique stores.
  4. Check Internet stores.
  5. Join a collectors club.
  6. Search online auction sites.

Is it safe to eat off of Old china?

The plate is fragile and cooling will impact its overall condition. Also, lead can leach from china that is hosting foods high in acidity. If you must eat off of your antique china or vintage ceramic dishware, don’t do so as a regular practice and certainly don’t eat off of it every day.

How do you date Shenango China?

Earlier Shenango is occasionally date coded with a single or double digit number (dash) double-digit number. The first single or double digit represents January through December. “1” is January and “12” is December. The second set of double digit numbers after the dash represent the year so “26” might represent 1926.

What is Shenango China?

Shenango China was one of the leading American dinnerware manufacturers from the 1920’s until the late 1980’s. The company, headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, absorbed many of its competitors.

Where was the Syracuse China Company originally located?

Syracuse China Corporation, located in Syracuse, New York, was a manufacturer of fine china. Founded in 1871 as Onondaga Pottery Company (O.P. Co.) in the town of Geddes, New York, the company initially produced earthenware.

How did Syracuse China get their date codes?

In order to be able to provide finished ware within reasonable turnaround time, Syracuse China traditionally maintained a supply of once-fired bisque ware on hand, that could be quickly decorated with custom designs, glazed and fired. Prior to 1920, the date codes were pressed into the ware prior to the first firing.

When did Syracuse China merge with Canadian Pacific?

Since 1970, Syracuse China has devoted it production efforts to airline, commercial, hotel, and restaurant china. In April 1978, Syracuse China Company merged with Canadian Pacific Investments, Ltd

What does the 38 stand for on a Syracuse China plate?

The back of each plate was stamped “38-A,” the last date stamp to appear on a Syracuse China product made in Syracuse. The “38” is code for the year it was made (1971, the company’s centennial year, plus 38 years). Within the nomenclature, the “A” stands for the first quarter of the year.