How do I link my StarHub TVB anywhere?

Open the TVBAnywhere+ app and register for a TVB ID. (A verification email will be sent to you to activate your TVB account.) Once activated, log in with your TVB ID and select the Premium Zone. Select ‘Link with StarHub Hub iD’ to link your Hub iD to your TVB ID.

How do I access StarHub TV?

For StarHub TV customers, go to ‘Guide’ to access the LIVE TV channels you are subscribed to and watch instantly. To access catch up shows, click/tap on TV shows or Movies to watch your subscribed on demand shows. mean on StarHub TV+?

How do I use TV anywhere?

There are two ways to watchTVEverywhere:

  1. Visit and log in. You will be presented with a list of networks that are available to you. Click on the network you want to watch.
  2. Open a network app – Hallmark Channel, for example – directly on your device. Log in and start watching.

Is StarHub TV free?

Watch anytime, anywhere on StarHub TV+ Select a Pass from $15/month and stream all your favourite shows anytime, anywhere. Upsize your entertainment experience with these add-on packs and channels. Stream Korean movies, China dramas and more. Join free for a month for StarHub customers.

How do I connect TVB anywhere to my TV?

Q3. How to link your TVB Anywhere account

  1. Enter your TVB Anywhere registered account and password.
  2. Please press the “Pairing“ button after login successfully.
  3. Enter the pairing code displayed on the TV screen and press “OK“ to link the account. Your TVB Anywhere Android TV™ TV Box can be activated after pairing.

How can I watch TVB?

How to Watch TVB Online in 2021 [Easy Guide]

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  3. Sign in with your credentials and connect to a Hong Kong server.
  4. Log in to the TVB website or app and enjoy streaming TVB anywhere.

How do I download StarHub to my TV?

Turn every device into a TV screen

  1. Log in with your Hub iD at My Account.
  2. Select your StarHub TV Service.
  3. Under StarHub TV Go, proceed to add/remove service. NOTE: ^StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service is available at a promotion rate of $2/month for 12 months. The usual price of $5.35/month applies thereafter.

Can I watch TV with just Internet service?

You need internet service in your home or a data plan through your cell company. Either will work, but it’s most convenient to have internet at home if you want to watch on your actual television. Get a streaming device. In order to watch streamed stuff, it’s best to have a streaming device.

How can I watch my home TV from anywhere?

Get a Slingbox Slingbox is a convenient way to watch programming while away from home. You can connect a Slingbox to your cable- or satellite-provided DVR box, connect to the internet, and once set up, control your Slingbox from anywhere you have an internet connection.


HBO GO is available at no additional cost to StarHub TV Movies Pass, HBO Pak, Box Office Pack, Supreme Box Office Pack and Movies d’Lite Pack subscribers with StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service. Yes, a R21/Parental Control PIN is required to access restricted content on HBO GO App.

What app can watch TVB?

TVB Anywhere Android TV Box TVB Anywhere newest Android TV Box customized for you to watch TVB programmes and your favourite content at home in comfort.

Where can I watch StarHub TV for free?

Watch your subscribed live TV channels and catch-up channels anytime, anywhere, on your devices through StarHub TV+ and our Partner Apps. Simply subscribe to StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service to start watching!

How much does a Starhub Entertainment pass cost?

For a limited time only, get Entertainment+ at $30/month and enjoy 2nd TV+ Pass FREE for 24 months (exclude Sports+). Plus, Disney+ on us! To enjoy Free-to-air channels on your StarHub TV+ box, you will need StarHub Broadband with a StarHub Smart WiFi router or a wired connection to Linksys EA8100/EA7500 router.

Is the StarHub app compatible with iOS 9?

After i suggested to cust svc if it could be Starhub GO has issues with latest IOS 9.3 cust svc took two days to tell me that their “engineers” have not updated GO to be compatible with IOS 9.3 and upwards. Informed we have to wait till “first week of April” for Starhub to get up to speed. Imagine that.

Can you use Google Chrome on StarHub Go?

Chrome is not supported for StarHub Go services. See below extracted FAQ from the following link: 12. What are the minimum requirements to view the content on StarHub Go? Compatible devices can be any of the following: