How do I make my left handed hit better?

First base and right field are better positions for lefties because, with their position, they can throw the ball more quickly to second, third, and home. Many ballparks make right field a greater distance from home than left field, since right-handers are more prevalent.

Is being left handed an advantage in softball?

While lefty pitchers are often used in baseball because of the advantage they have over lefty batters, in softball they’re more useful against righties. Because pitching in softball isn’t as hard on the shoulder as it is in baseball, pitchers don’t need as much rest between appearances.

Why do girls slap in softball?

This hitting style can allow players to use their speed to get on base or advance teammates into scoring position. Sometimes the best hit isn’t the one that’s driven to the fence. The slap is a hitting style used to attack a certain spot of the infield.

Is it better to be a left-handed batter?

3. Left handed hitters get more off handed match-ups making it favorable to the hitter. Another advantage for left handed hitters is that they get to see a lot of right handed pitching. Having an off handed at bat (lefty facing righty) usually makes for a more comfortable at bat.

Do lefties hit more triples?

Over the course of a season, a team of righties would hit 3 more homers in a season as compared to a team of lefties. So, lefties hit more singles and triples, whereas righties hit more doubles and homers. However, it’s only the difference in triples that’s very significant.

What is the best position for a left handed softball player?

1st base is the obvious choice in the infield. I would never play a lefty at 2nd (has to turn 180 degrees to throw to 1st) or 3rd (glove hand toward the foul line). An athletically gifted lefty could play SS. In the outfield I would give preference to CF and LF.

Where do left handed softball players play?

No matter what age left-handers begin playing baseball or softball, there are few positions available for them to play. A right-handed player can play any of the nine positions on the field without any uproar, but southpaws are largely limited to pitcher, first base and the outfield.

What’s the best way to hit a softball?

Stand up straight and hold your bat out in front of you with the barrel of the bat pointing straight up. Be sure to grip the bat the same way you would in the batter’s box. Now slowly rotate the head of the bat all the way to your left and hold it there for three seconds.

What’s the best way to slow down a softball bat?

One of the things you can do is simply put the bat out in front, and if you can pinch the bat between your thumb and your index finger, then you have a finger grip. If you’re only pinching inside the thumb and not the index finger, you’re going to get a slow bat movement. Out is quicker. We want to keep the wrists loose.

What to use as a stand in for home plate in softball?

Grab your bat and some limited flight training balls and a practice base (or even your glove) to work as a stand-in for home plate. If you are right handed, use your left hand to lob a ball up in the air, then grip the bat with both hands, and take a swing at the ball.

How can I make myself a better softball player?

Here are five drills to utilize your time off to make yourself a better hitter. You will want to do this drill outside, preferably in your backyard if able. Grab your bat and some limited flight training balls and a practice base (or even your glove) to work as a stand-in for home plate.