How do I reset my BMW Valvetronic motor?

Basically you reconnect everything, turn the car ON (don’t start engine), and wait. You should here the car going through the “self test/calibration” on the valvetronic motor. Wait about 30 seconds and turn the car off. Next restart everything should be ready.

What does BMW Valvetronic motor do?

The Valvetronic system is a BMW variable valve lift system which, in combination with variable valve timing, allows infinite adjustment of the intake valve timing and duration. The system claims to improve fuel economy and emissions, and negates the need for a throttle body in regular use.

What does a Valvetronic relay do?

It’s basically a camshaft on top of the intake camshaft that controls how far open the valves move during one rotation of the intake camshaft. This means a BMW with valvetronic effectively negates the need for a throttle body, increases efficiency by minimising pumping losses and improves fuel economy and emissions.

What is a valvetronic sensor?

The eccentric shaft position sensor is used as a feedback for the Valvetronic eccentric camshaft. The eccentric shaft is actuated by the Valvetronic motor and in return controls variable intake valve lift. The top of the sensor protrudes up through valve cover and is sealed by a rubber gasket.

Which is Valvetronic motor does BMW E90 use?

The Valvetronic motor is used on BMW E90 models with a normally-aspirated engine. It is responsible for actuating an eccentric shaft that adjusts intake valve lift. The motor itself is pretty reliable and does not fail too often.

Is there a fix for a BMW valvetronic failure?

Hi there yes this trick will work on any BMW which has valvetronic servor motors to advance the valve timing. This trick was shown to me by the BMW main dealer here in south africa. The main dealer told me that it is a common fault on the the valvetronic engines. Just got an email back from a friend in the Virgin Islands and he loves the fix.

Why is my E90 320i running half power?

Recently I had a E90 320i come into my shop with the mil light on and running on half power. A scan of the vehicle indicated valvetronic servor motor internal failure.

What happens when you replace the gasket on a BMW E90?

The DME (digital motor electronics) records these stops via the eccentric shaft sensor to determine mechanical adjustment limits of the eccentric shaft. With that said, when removing the motor to replace the gasket you are not changing the mechanical position of any Valvetrnoic assembly components, a relearn is not always needed.