How do I Unlicall the sun?

Call Unlimited 20

  1. Call Unlimited 20. You can do so much with just your P20 and your phone!
  2. Inclusions. CU 20 is a promo valid for 24 hours upon registration.
  3. Registration. Simply register by texting CU20 to 247!

What is Flexi call in sun?

By combining international calls and texts into one offer, Flexi Call & Text Abroad makes it easier for customers to register without having to memorize multiple keywords and access codes to avail of both services.

How do I register Combo 10 Sun 2021?

Call and Text Combo 10

  1. Promo: 10 minutes calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk ‘N Text. + 50 texts to Sun. + 50 texts to other networks. + Facebook access.
  2. Registration: Text CTC10 to 247.
  3. Validity: 1 Day.
  4. Price: ₱10.

How can I borrow load from Sun?

How to Borrow Load from Sun

  1. To ask for emergency pasaload from your friends and loved ones, dial *808 + number of family or friend. Example *80809187654321.
  2. To borrow 3 text messages + P1. 00 airtime load to Sun/Smart/TNT, dial *767.
  3. To borrow 4 texts to all networks + P1.
  4. To borrow texts to Sun/Smart/TNT + P1.

Is Sun TU200 still available?

Update: Currently, the TU200 is no longer a promo. It is now included in Sun Cellular’s prepaid offerings.

What are the promos of sun?

Sun Wais Loads

Extra Price Inclusions
Extra All-Net Texts 50 P50 Unlimited texts to all networks
Extra TRINET Calls 50 P50 Unlimited calls to TRINET (Sun, Smart, and TNT)
Extra IDD Calls 50 P50 25 mins IDD Calls**
Extra Data 50 P50 1000MB

How do I check my wallet in sun?

How to Check Your Sun Balance

  1. Dial *221# and press Call.
  2. An automated voice from Sun Cellular will inform you that you will receive your prepaid balance details through SMS.
  3. You will receive your balance information – including the number of free texts and date of expiration – via text.

How can I check my sun balance?

To check your available balance, dial *221# on your Sun Prepaid phone or manage your prepaid account online by registering to My Sun – just enter your Sun number or email address at to get started.

How do I register for Sun TU200?

How to subscribe to Avail this Offer? Make sure that you have enough regular load preferably above Php 200. If you want to convert it to TU200 to enjoy the offer, all you need to do is text TU200 and sent it to 247.

What is Sun TU200?

With Sun Prepaid’s TU200, you get 30 days of unlimited Sun texts, 5 hours of trinet calls, and 1000 texts to all networks. Plus enjoy FREE Facebook and non-stop chat! Text TU200 to 247 now.

How do I call a landline from Sun?

How can I call a landline from Sun Cellular?

  1. Toll-free from your Sun mobile phone: 888.
  2. Landline: (02) 8 395-8888.