How do you announce a new intranet?

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

  1. Idea #1: Involve key employees in product evaluation.
  2. Idea #2: Encourage employees to participate in intranet research.
  3. Idea #3: Give employees a say in your intranet name.
  4. Idea #4: Send out postcard teasers.
  5. Idea #5: Share fun facts from employee profiles.

What should be on a company intranet?

These essential elements likely include news, communities, an employee directory, a search facility and an outlet for leadership communications. Additionally, the intranet should include key areas of content that enables employees to carry out their everyday tasks and find essential company information.

What is a company intranet?

Answer: An intranet site is an internal website (or portal) that helps employees stay up-to-date with their company. It serves as a website, communications channel, knowledge management tool, and collaboration platform.

How do you organize a company intranet?

  1. Put A Team Together. The first step in building a company intranet is assembling a team to take on the task.
  2. Establish Goals and Objectives.
  3. Choose A Vendor.
  4. Make The Intranet Your Own.
  5. Organize Your Space.
  6. Establish Important Features.
  7. Incorporate Existing Information.
  8. Host An Exciting Launch Party.

How do I drive traffic to my intranet?

Use rich media. Signpost to rich media content available on the intranet by embedding links in emails to videos, podcasts and webcasts. Drive intranet traffic using a multichannel approach. Use a mix of channels to promote content and drive users to the intranet.

How do you promote an intranet?

Naming the intranet Having a catchy and memorable intranet name is a great way of promoting the intranet. It gives the intranet a clear identity, and makes it easier to refer to in documents, and in conversation. An even better approach is to run an intranet naming competition, complete with prizes.

Do companies use intranets?

In a recent study, 80 percent of employees working in medium-sized and large organizations said their company has an intranet, and that it’s a tool they rely on regularly. In fact, 81 percent had used it in the last week. That’s the good news.

How do I make my intranet more engaging?

Here are 15 easy employee engagement ideas you can do to get the most out of your intranet:

  1. Keep things simple.
  2. Use employee surveys.
  3. Implement a launch plan.
  4. Clarify goals from the beginning.
  5. Make your intranet the home of important information.
  6. Use employee profiles.
  7. Hold focus groups.
  8. Market your intranet.

What means intranet?

An intranet is a private enterprise network, designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles. It serves a broad range of purposes and uses, but at its core, an intranet is there to help employees.

How do I create my own intranet?

How To Create An Intranet: A Step By Step Beginner’s Guide

  1. Step 1: Start Free Trial (30 seconds)
  2. Step 2: Select Your Brand Colors, Upload Logo (20 seconds)
  3. Step 3: Add Pages Using MyHub Templates (20 minutes)
  4. Step 4: Add Your Own Content (2 hours)
  5. Step 5: Launch to Staff (10 minutes)

How do I create an intranet site?

Steps Create a local area network (LAN) in your home or office. Choose a web server. Install a web browser. Design your intranet. Make decisions about the look and feel of your intranet and the content that you will upload. Decide how you will handle security.

What is an intranet homepage?

News center — An intranet homepage is the place where employees find themselves after logging into the social community. Because of the high level of visibility, this is the perfect place to present recent news and happenings. By using your intranet homepage to keep people up to date on what’s going on,…

What is the Best Intranet software?

Communifire is the best intranet software because it features one of the most robust scheduling platforms. Members can maintain both personal and shared calendars, which helps to ensure that there’s never any question about your teammate’s or colleague’s workload.

Is SharePoint an intranet?

SharePoint is a intranet system that is bundled with Microsoft Office 365.