How do you arrange furniture when a fireplace is not centered?

Side tables and chairs with open legs are optimal. A larger room with a sectional sofa and swivel chairs allows both focal points to be appreciated. And, don’t forget wall art. Hanging it at any height allows the eye to travel and incorporate the off-center fireplace into the décor of the entire room.

How do you balance a room with an off centered fireplace?

A great way to create an assymmetrical balance with an off-centered fireplace is to add in height to the wall that is empty. Adding in a bookshelf to the right of the fireplace adds in some additional storage as well as balance to the space with a tv over the fireplace and would be a good solution to your dilemma.

Does a fireplace need to be central?

Fireplaces don’t have to take centre stage. Consider positioning yours somewhere it will blend in unobtrusively, as in this room. Having said that, I think only a simple, floating gas fireplace can get away with not being centre stage.

Should a fireplace mantel be wider than the fireplace?

Your mantel should be wider than your fireplace. Typically, a mantel should be a minimum of 3 inches past the firebox on each side. However, more can be better. The average mantel is approximately 6 inches wider than the fireplace on either side, and some can be even wider.

Does a couch have to be centered in front of fireplace?

Your main seating piece should have a focal point, whether it’s a window, a fireplace, or an archway/opening into another room. Arranging furniture around a fireplace or a TV are the most popular options.

Does furniture have to face the fireplace?

At least one piece of furniture should face the fireplace, and the entire arrangement should be oriented toward the fireplace. Choose a focal point for the room, and orient your furniture around it. This will ensure an organized and balanced look. If you have a corner fireplace, this should be your center of attention.

Can you open up a fireplace on both sides?

Making a one sided fireplace two sided is possible. If you are considering this project then there are some important things to consider.

How do you knock out a fireplace?

Break out a plasterboard sheet, using a club hammer, or use a padsaw or jigsaw to cut around the edge of a timber board. Unscrew or lever off any supporting battens. If the fireplace has been filled in with bricks, start from the vent and slowly knock out a few at a time with a club hammer and bolster chisel.

What is the average width of a fireplace mantel?

For a quick reference, a 36-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 48 inches. A 42-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 54 inches. The mantel should not be so wide that it reaches anything else, like a wall, window or door.

How high above the mantle should a TV be mounted?

The rule of thumb is, if your mantel is less than four feet from the floor, you should mount your TV about 12 inches above it. This rule applies to a fireplace without a mantel as well.

Should you mount TV over fireplace?

It’s not advisable to mount a TV above a fireplace because excess heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is often warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat from the above wall (and TV mounted there).

What should I put on my fireplace mantle?

Then you can top it off with your own mantle and shelving to get this look. If you go that route though, try to look for something that isn’t too ornate.

Is there such a thing as an off center fireplace?

You’d be hard pressed to find an example of a traditional or ornate fireplace that has this off-centered look to it as those styles tend to favor a very balanced design. Back to the task at hand. With all that inspiration in mind, I was ready to tackle Catherine’s fireplace, and here’s what I came up with.

What kind of fireplace is in Ivory concrete?

The Ivory concrete consists of a wall to wall hearth as well as a tall mantle from the center to left wall, connecting back to the hearth. Fireplace and One piece concrete Back splash designed and created by 2Stone for the wonderful men of Fifth Element

How do you balance furniture around a fireplace?

Positioning furniture around the fireplace, especially if the space is a long and narrow living room, directs the eye to the far end where a crowded jumble of heavy furniture can create mental havoc. Whether the fireplace is your focal point or an accessory to the room, placing furniture involves creating balance.