How do you become a JROTC instructor?

How to become a JROTC instructor

  1. Retire from the armed services. All JROTC instructors must be retired non-commissioned officers or officers in their military branch.
  2. Obtain a teaching license.
  3. Submit appropriate forms.
  4. Complete training.
  5. Participate in an interview.
  6. Receive referral.
  7. Apply for vacancies.

Are JROTC Instructors in the military?

Under Title 10, U.S.C., Chapter 102, Section 2033, Army JROTC has the authority to certify officers or NCOs as Instructors. However, JROTC instructors are school district employees. As such, states and/or districts may require additional licensure or certification beyond JROTC certification.

What is the pay for a JROTC instructor?

Jrotc Instructor Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $78,000 $6,500
75th Percentile $55,000 $4,583
Average $46,610 $3,884
25th Percentile $29,000 $2,416

Do JROTC Instructors get retirement pay?

50% of the basic pay is the starting percentage at 20 years of service. Each additional year of service percentage increases 2.5%. For example; base pay at retirement is $5000.00 dollars and the soldier served 20 years, the retired pay calculation is $2500.00 for MIP calculation.

Do JROTC instructors wear uniforms?

a. Army JROTC Instructors will wear Army uniforms IAW AR 670-1 and AR 145-2. b. The authorized rank during all instruction and training is the retired rank or the pay grade for which Instructors are reimbursed.

What does a ROTC instructor do?

A Reserve Officers’ Training Corps instructors (ROTC instructor) prepares college students for positions in the armed forces. Your duties focus on providing training that prepares students for leadership roles in the military as commissioned officers.

Is there a weight limit for JROTC?

If you are currently an Air Force ROTC cadet, before you can be eligible for a scholarship, you’ll be required to meet Air Force ROTC weight and fitness standards….Fitness Requirements.

Height (FT) Min Weight (lbs) Max Weight (lbs)
5′ 2″ 104 136
5′ 3″ 107 141
5′ 4″ 110 145
5′ 5″ 114 150

What is it like to be a JROTC instructor?

Instructors, like other high school teachers, will be teaching a curriculum given to them by JROTC. Instructors also work weekends and evenings, guiding their cadets through PT, leadership training and competitions and marching with their cadets in parades. And, being a high school teacher isn’t for the faint of heart.

Do JROTC instructors get Bah?

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). The rate of entitlement is based on the instructor’s current dependent status and permanent duty station zip code. The permanent duty station for an instructor is the school. Dependency determination requirements are the same as when the instructor was on active duty.

Can you wear jewelry in JROTC?

Male cadets may not wear earrings or facial jewelry of any kind, i.e., lip rings, eyebrow piercings, etc. No jewelry may appear exposed on uniforms. Cadets may wear a wrist watch, a wrist identification bracelet, and not more than two rings.

Can a reservist teach JROTC?

Reservist and Guardmen now able to become JROTC instructors.

What ROTC programs are and how they work?

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs prepare students for careers in the military and help them develop leadership skills. These programs offer scholarships to students who are interested in attending college and serving in the military at the same time.

What is Junior ROTC?

Junior ROTC is a program established by Congress in 1916. It is a partnership between the Army and the school and incorporates an accredited curriculum that teaches students (Cadets) character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity.

What is a ROTC scholarship?

ROTC is a competitive college program. The 4-Year and 3-Year Advanced Designee National Scholarships are awarded to High School Seniors who demonstrate superior attributes in the following three categories SCHOLAR, LEADER, ATHLETE. These scholarships are awarded by a National Board that meets three times throughout the year.