How do you fix search results might be incomplete because items are being indexed?

“Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed.”…Rebuilding the Index

  1. Remove the Window Search Feature and Install Again. One reason behind this problem can be the damaged Windows Search option.
  2. Ensure that Indexing is complete.
  3. Check for corruption in PST Files.
  4. Reset the Index.

How do I fix the search in Outlook 2010?

Here’s how:

  1. Close Outlook completely.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off.
  3. Make sure there’s a check mark on the Indexing Service check box and then hit OK.
  4. Open Outlook again & check if the search bar is working.

How do I fix Outlook 2007 search problems?

How To Fix Indexing problems in Outlook 2007

  1. Check that your Outlook items can be indexed.
  2. Check that the files you want are included in the index.
  3. Check that indexing is complete.
  4. Outlook says there are ‘0 items remaining’ but your search results are still wrong.
  5. Scan your .
  6. Disable and re-enable your file for indexing.

How do I fix Outlook search not working?

If Outlook is not searching all of your email correctly, you can rebuild the Outlook search index to fix this:

  1. Click on File then Options.
  2. Select Search on the left then click Indexing Options.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click the Rebuild button.

What does currently indexing mean?

In simple terms, it’s a catalog that’s built from terms found in email messages. The catalog is similar to an index for a reference book, but instead of manually searching for the term in the book’s index, you’re search for it electronically by entering the term in a Outlook search box.

Where is the search option in Outlook 2010?

On the File tab, click the Options to bring up the Outlook Options window. See it below: 2. In Outlook Options window, the Search command is listed at the left pane.

How do I enable Inbox search in Outlook?

Navigate to the Search tab in Outlook. If you didn’t add the tab to your ribbon, you can open it just by clicking in the Search box. 2. Select Advanced Find from the “Search Tools” menu.

How do I turn on Instant Search in Outlook 2007?

How to turn on Instant Search

  1. In the Tools menu, click Instant Search then Search Options.
  2. Check the box that says Display search results as I type when possible.

How do I fix the search bar not typing?

Method 1. Restart Windows Explorer & Cortana.

  1. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys to open the Task manager.
  2. Now, right click at Search process and click End Task.
  3. Now, try to type on the search bar.
  4. Simultaneously press the Windows.
  5. try to type on the search bar.
  6. Simultaneously press the Windows.

How do I enable Windows search bar?

To get the Windows 10 Search bar back, right-click or press-and-hold on an empty area on your taskbar to open a contextual menu. Then, access Search and click or tap on “Show search box.”