How do you get ancient elven boots in Dragon Age Origins?

Acquisition. The boots are found by asking Ser Bryant in the Lothering chantry if there is other assistance he can provide. He gives the Warden a key to a locked cabinet that contains the boots.

Where are the ancient elven gloves?

the Ruined Temple
Ancient Elven Gloves Found in the Ruined Temple.

How do I upgrade helm of the Honnleath?


  1. It cannot be upgraded by the Party Storage Chest.
  2. It imports successfully to Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening on the PC version of the game.
  3. Even though it is only a Tier 2 helm, its +3 armor bonus still puts its total armor rating well above any Tier 7 (or Tier 9 in Awakening) heavy helmet.

Where is Honnleath?

southwestern Ferelden
Honnleath is a village in southwestern Ferelden and part of the Arling of Redcliffe.

How do I upgrade my armor in Dragon Age Origins?

Mikhael can be used to upgrade most weapons and armor, by selling the armor or weapon you wanted to upgrade and buying it back (be sure you have the level to improve the items). Items enchanted with runes cannot be upgraded in this way. Remove any runes before selling any items if you want to upgrade them.

What happens to shale Dragon Age?

The fate of Shale in Dragon Age Keep During the mission to rescue the Paragon Branka, the Warden will encounter Caridin. If Shale is present at the time, Caridin will reveal much of Shale’s past and trigger the quest A Golem’s Memories. If the Warden sides with Branka they will be forced to kill Shale as well.

Can you upgrade cailan’s armor?

The tier 5 and 6 versions can be upgraded by selling them to a merchant and buying them back after reloading (depending on The Warden’s level, it can also be necessary to wait until a higher level is reached, before a higher tier version appears in the merchant’s inventory).

Is Sten Arishok?

Sten as the Arishok After the death of the previous Arishok in Kirkwall, Sten replaced him. To Alistair’s surprise, the new Arishok turns out to be Sten.

What race are Qunari?

The Qunari (literally, “People of the Qun”) is the umbrella term most commonly used to describe the white-haired metallic-skinned race of large humanoids and their society that governs the islands of Par Vollen and Seheron, as well as the settlement of Kont-aar in northern Rivain, and Qundalon in the Anderfels.