How do you get more genres in Game Dev Story?

Unlocking a genre involves getting an employee to a specific level or higher in a specific career. You can also hire someone who already has obtained this level to unlock it. Unlocking a type requires an employee with a specific career at a certain level or higher to use a specific training method to unlock.

How do you get good games in Game Dev Story?

Beginner Tips

  1. Try to hire new staff when you have more money. (The more staff you have, the faster your game will be completed).
  2. Continue to create games (make sure you choose quality or budget), even if a game is on sale.
  3. The game direction (you may focus on the Realism & Polish) but the direction depends on the game.

How many offices are in Game Dev Story?

1 Answer. There are only 3 offices. It costs $600,000 to upgrade to Office 2, and then $2,500,000 to upgrade to Office 3.

How do you get a sequel to Game Dev Story?

To make a sequel, enter the Sequel screen and choose the Platform (a sequel does not have to be developed on the same platform as the original), the game you wish to create a sequel of, and the development method. At that point, the sequel will be made in the same way as any other game.

How long is Game Dev Story?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 13 6h 56m
Main + Extras 8 9h 33m
Completionists 7 29h 55m
All PlayStyles 28 13h 26m

What is a poncho type game?

The game consists of a robot wearing a poncho. Players make their mission through the world of pixelated parallax to find Poncho’s maker and save humanity. The gameplay consists of a 2D platformer with different layer of depth, being able to get closer or further away.

How do you get a hardware designer in Game Dev Story?

If an employee is level 5 in Coder, Writer, Designer, and Sound Engineer, you can then train them as a Director or Producer. If they are level 5 in Director and Producer as well, you can make them a Hardware Engineer.

How do you get an engineer in Game Dev Story?

How do you get the Hall of Fame game in Game Dev Story?

How to Make a Hall of Fame Game

  1. Focus on Fun. Using the fun boost can earn you anywhere from 1-25 points to your game’s fun.
  2. Use your boosts. If Fun is high, but Sound is lacking, make sure to use the sound boost to help bring your overall game to greatness. (
  3. Build on a strong base.

How do you get Chimpan Z?

Chimpan Z is a sponsor of the last contest in the game. He invites you to participate in it after you receive a 5 star store rating.

What does a hacker do in Game Dev Story?

Hackers are the highest performing employee in Game Dev Story; they have the talent of a Coder, Writer, Designer, & Snd.

Is there a Game Dev Story wiki guide?

Our list of genres and types outlines how to make “amazing” games. This wiki was automatically converted from the Game Dev Story Guide (iPhone) guide at and may require cleanup. Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate.

What are the different types of game genres?

Genres edit | edit source Genre Popularity Unlock Condition Unlock Condition Job Level RPG A Writer 5 Simulation A Coder 4 Sim RPG A Director 1

What happens when you combine genres and types?

More importantly is that when you combine different genres and types, it is possible to make combos, which can range from “Not good” to “Amazing!”. This can be very important to making a top-selling game.

What are the different genres of Kairosoft games?

Genres edit | edit source Genre Popularity Unlock Condition Unlock Condition Audio Novel B Director 2 Motion A Hard. Eng. 4 Educational C Initially Available Initially Available Card Game A Hard. Eng. 3