How do you get the staff of soris in Oblivion?

The Imperial City[edit] Find Soris’ house in the Talos Plaza and confront him about the staff. If his disposition is low he will refuse to give up the staff. Raise his disposition up to around 70 or so and he’ll hand over the staff for a little cash (200 gold).

How do I start a Bravil recommendation?

The key can be found in a desk upstairs. Wait until they’ve gone to bed, then pay another surreptitious visit and liberate the staff. Take the staff back to Kud-Ei who’ll happily provide the recommendation and will also teach the captivate spell.

How do I get the mage staff?

Mage’s Staff is a leveled, enchanted staff obtained as a reward for achieving the Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild. After completing the quest, “A Mage’s Staff” and receiving the Unfinished Staff, Delmar at the Chironasium imbues the magic wood with a desired effect.

Where can I find soris Arenim?

Talos Plaza District
Soris Arenim is a Dunmer commoner and wizard who lives in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City with his wife Erissare Arenim.

Where is the Bruma Mages Guild?

western Bruma
The Bruma Mages Guild is located in western Bruma on the second tier. The Bruma Mages Guild have trainers who train hopefuls in various types of magic.

How do you spell the finger of the mountain?

In order to get the Fingers of the Mountain spell, as well as keeping the book and having it marked as not stolen, follow these steps:

  1. Get Fingers of the Mountain from Cloud Top.
  2. Go to Chorrol and give the book to Teekeeus.
  3. Take the book from the chest.
  4. Give the book to Earana.
  5. Wait at least 25 hours.

Where do I get wood for mage staff?

Once you are accepted into the guild by Raminus, speak to him about tasks to be told about the construction of your Mage’s Staff. First you need to retrieve some special wood for the staff from Wellspring Cave, east of the Imperial City.

Do staves increase skill oblivion?

Anyone can use a staff, regardless of magic skill, and using a staff does not use any of the caster’s own Magicka; instead, it depletes the staff’s charge. Using staves does not increase your skills, nor do staves benefit from higher skill levels, with the exception of lowering the cost per use.

Does the Bruma Mages Guild ever get fixed?

Once “A Plot Revealed” has completed, the Bruma Mage’s Guild is forever lost and continuously on fire on the inside, regardless of how much time has passed after the quest.

Can you join the Fighters Guild in Beyond Skyrim?

JoiningEdit It is not possible to join the Nibenean branch of the Guild in Bruma due to ongoing internal reforms, although the Colovian branch is reported to be recruiting.

Should I give the book to Teekeeus?

Give the book to Earana first: this will add 1 point to your total Fame. She needs to study the book for a whole day, and you should come back to see her again after that to get your “reward”. She then departs to her room at the Gray Mare Inn.

What level should I get fingers of the mountain?

Acquiring Finger of the Mountain requires the Hero to first gain Earana’s notes from the quest (see Chorrol Recommendation). They must acquire a Welkynd Stone and a spell that deals Shock damage. Then they must travel to Cloud Top….Acquisition.

Character Level Magnitude Effect Area
20+ 210 100