How do you know when DriveCam is recording?

When the DriveCam camera is triggered to record, lights flash to notify the driver of the recording. In addition, drivers can manually capture video when needed. You can also set the DriveCam device for continual recording or live streaming. Continual recording captures up to 100 hours of video from the camera.

What triggers SmartDrive?

The SmartRecorder is triggered by manoeuvres such as swerving, hard braking, active safety system activation, and when a driver exceeds speed thresholds.

Does smart drive record all the time?

SmartDrive Extended Recording, with unrivaled video recording capability, helps you capture and store an uninterrupted and comprehensive picture of events that happen to your fleet vehicles and drivers – whenever and wherever they occur. Up to 200 hours of continuous recording.

What does the blue light on smart drive mean?

All Off: Your Smart Drive is off or not receiving power. Solid Blue: Your device is powered on, and booting up. Slow Blinking Blue: Normal operation.

Why does my Vivint panel have a green light?

If the Home button is green, your system is disarmed. Likewise if the Home button is red, your system is armed. What does ‘Status = Not Ready’ mean? The ‘Not Ready’ status is a system status displayed by the home button on your touchscreen panel being orange.

How do I know if LYTX is recording?

Our Lytx DriveCams mount near the top and center of the windshield and have both forward facing, and inward facing lenses. The lenses capture audio as well as video. A properly functioning device will display a solid green light on the right side, until it is triggered to record an event.

What does blue light on camera mean?

A flashing blue light on a security camera means you are ready for the WiFi protected setup.

How does a smart drive camera work?

When a vehicle with SmartDrive 360 experiences a risky maneuver, such as swerve, U-turn, high impact/collision, or the driver initiates a manual recording, video is captured from all four cameras. The video is then automatically offloaded from the SmartRecorder, along with the in-cab and forward-facing camera views.

What is smart drive in a car?

SmartDrive Cars is a service that makes quick and easy for drivers to self-analyze their driving behavior and earn rewards and coupons for safe driving. Detected behaviors include hard steering/cornering, hard acceleration, and hard braking.

Does Swift have driver-facing cameras?

The company has not been using inward, driver-facing cameras because “we don’t feel like an inward [camera] adds value or creates those conditions that are really critical to our culture at this time,” Sant explained.

Is the Smart Drive logo a registered trademark?

SmartDrive, the SmartDrive logo and SmartDrive SmartIQ® are registered trademarks of SmartDrive Systems, Inc. SmartRecorder, SmartChoice TM, SmartAlliance and SR4 are trademarks of SmartDrive Systems, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

How does smart drive work and what does it do?

The cameras track head and eye movements, including drivers’ facial planes. SmartDrive’s sensors also allow fleet owners to track vehicles and any potential erratic movement that might indicate anything out of the ordinary, such as sudden stops.

Who is the CEO of smart drive systems?

SmartDrive Systems was founded in 2005 in San Diego by James Plante, an automotive entrepreneur. Plante served as the company’s first CEO until April 2008, when Greg Drew took over as CEO. In June 2012, the company announced media executive Steve Mitgang as their new CEO.

What do you need to know about SmartDrive Rail?

SmartDrive Rail – SmartDrive Rail is a version of the company’s safety system designed for trains. The system captures collisions and other unexpected events on video and by measuring system parameters, allows investigators to identify safety issues that could lead to future accidents.